As one of the world’s largest timber producers, Brazil has abundant forest resources. In such an environment, a wood mill faces the challenge of how to efficiently utilize this wood, especially in the debarking process of logs. So it wanted a wood log peeling machine to help it. After contacting so many suppliers, he chose us as the wood debarker machine supplier.

wood log peeling machine
wood log peeling machine

Choosing a wood log peeling machine from Shuliy

To solve the problem of peeling logs, this Brazilian wood mill chose a wood peeler from Shuliy. Its advanced debarking technology, efficient operation and adaptability make it an ideal choice for the woodworking industry. The customer looked to our wood debarking machine for its excellence in debarking efficiency and wood preservation.

Our wood log peeling machine shows great advantages in log debarking. The efficient and precise debarking process not only improves productivity, but also preserves the integrity of the wood, providing high-quality raw material for subsequent processing.

Machine list for Brazil

wood debarkerModel: SL-320
Capacity:10meter per minute
Suitable wood diameter:80-320mm
Machine size:2.45*1.4*1.7mm
Package size:2.26*2*1.3m Weight:1800kg
1 pc
machine list for Brazil

Customer feedback from Brazil

This Brazilian wood mill gave high praise to our wood log debarker. The customer said that the ease of use and stability of the machine made their log processing easier and more efficient. At the same time, they have noticed a reduction in waste and improved wood utilization during log debarking.