Shuliy shisha charcoal production line adopts the production method of carbonization first and then molding, which can produce cubic & tablet hookah charcoal products. Our hookah charcoal production line is known for its superior performance and quality finished products for customers of all sizes and needs.

We produce square and round shisha charcoal for a wide range of applications in the barbecue industry and fuel market. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, we can provide you with the best solution to make your production process more efficient and smooth.

How do you make hookah charcoal?

In this hookah charcoal production line, the raw material is first carbonized and then molded. The detailed process is described as carbonizing → crushing → mixing and pressing → shisha charcoal making → drying → packing.

shisha charcoal processing plant
shisha charcoal processing plant

Stage 1: Carbonization furnace

To make charcoal in this production line, the first step is to carbonize the raw material, using the above two kinds of carbonization furnace, which one is determined according to your raw material.

Stage 2: Hammer mill

hammer mill crusher
hammer mill crusher

The size of the raw material after carbonization is relatively large, so it needs to be ground using a charcoal grinder.

Stage 3: Wheel mill

charcoal powder mixing machine
charcoal powder mixing machine

Because making charcoal requires a binder in addition to carbon powder, a wheel mill is required to dutifully and adequately grind and mix it so that it is fully stirred to increase the density of the raw material.

Stage 4: Shisha charcoal making machine

After that, you have to use the hookah charcoal machine to extrude the carbon powder for hookah charcoal production. As shown in the picture above, we have three kinds of machines for you to choose.

Stage 5: Hookah drying machine

electric charcoal briquettes dryer
electric charcoal briquettes dryer

After production, the water-smoked charcoal contains moisture and needs to be dried using a drying room.

Stage 6: Charcoal bagging machine

shisha charcoal packaging machine
shisha charcoal packaging machine

After drying, it needs a pillow packing machine for packing and selling.

Advantages of cubic & tablet shisha charcoal making machine line

  • High productivity: Shuliy square & cubic shisha charcoal production line is designed for mass production and is capable of producing large quantities of hookah charcoal in a shorter period of time to meet the high demand of the market.
  • Consistent shapes and sizes: The machine ensures consistent shapes and sizes of shisha charcoal, providing consumers with a standardized and attractive product.
  • Easy to operate: Shisha charcoal production line is user-friendly, requires minimal physical labor and is simple to operate, reducing the need for extensive training.
  • Environmentally friendly: The whole processing line uses environmentally friendly materials to minimize waste and harmful emissions, promoting sustainable and green production practices.
  • Versatile: Cubic & tablet shisha charcoal produced can be used for a variety of purposes, including water smoking, barbecuing, heating, etc. It is a versatile and marketable product.

What affects the shisha charcoal production line price?

The shisha charcoal production line price is affected by many factors. First of all, the production capacity and output of the machine play an important role in determining the price. Machines with higher production capacity are usually more expensive. Secondly, the quality and materials used in the construction of the shisha charcoal production line will affect the price. High-quality materials and advanced technology may lead to higher costs.

In addition, the level of automation and the complexity of the production process will also affect the price. Finally, factors such as brand reputation, after-sales service, and additional features or customization options may contribute to the overall price of a hookah charcoal production line.

Shuliy Machinery: truthy shisha charcoal production line manufacturers

With extensive experience and expertise as your supplier, Shuliy is a leader in the design, manufacture and sale of charcoal machines. We offer diversified product lines, including tablet & cubic shisha charcoal production lines, etc. to provide you with more choices. Besides, we provide you with stable and reliable equipment with high-quality products, which have a good customer reputation and are highly evaluated by customers all over the world.

We also provide a full range of service support, including pre-sales consultation and after-sales service, to ensure that you get the maximum value and satisfaction. By choosing Shuliy, you will get a reliable partner to realize business success together.

How to buy Shuliy shisha charcoal production line?

To purchase a Shuliy Shuliy shisha charcoal production line, follow these simple steps.

  1. Visit the official Shuliy website ( or contact me via WhatsApp/WeChat/Tel No. +8613673689272.
  2. Discuss your specific requirements, including production capacity and customization options. And you’ll receive a detailed quote and product specifications for your reference.
  3. Confirm your order and make the necessary payments according to the agreed terms. Production of the shisha charcoal production line will begin soon and the company will keep you informed of progress.
  4. Upon completion of production, the product will be shipped to your location and you can begin using the high-quality hookah charcoal production line for your business needs.