Wood peeling machine is designed to remove the bark from logs or wood materials efficiently. Trees can be handled from 5-35cm in diameter.

It is commonly used in the wood processing industry to prepare logs for further production, such as making veneer, plywood, or other wood products.

The machine is sold in various countries globally and is highly valued for its ability to increase productivity, improve wood quality, and reduce manual labor.

With its user-friendly design and reliable performance, the wood debarker machine is an essential tool for businesses in the wood processing sector.

Wood that can be peeled and the finished effect

Woods that can be debarked using a wood peeling machine include various types of logs and lumber, such as pine, oka, spruce, fir and eucalyptus. After the debarking process, the product is smooth, clean logs after debarking.

Strengths of Oka wood peeling machine

log peeling machine
log peeling machine
  • Accurate debarking: The machine ensures precise and even debarking, resulting in high-quality wood logs.
  • Versatility: It can handle a wide range of wood types and sizes, providing flexibility in wood processing.
  • User-friendly operation: Wood peeling machine is easy to operate, reducing the learning curve for the operator.
  • High efficiency: Fast and efficient debarking, saving time and labor costs.

Technical data of commercial wood peeling machine for sale

Model: SL-320

Power: 7.5+2.2kw, 28HP diesel engine

Suitable wood log diameter: 10-30cm

Packing size: 2.3*2.4*1.7m

Weight: 1900kg

Model: SL-370

Power:11+2.2 kw

Suitable for the wood log diameter:10-35cm

Dimension:2 .3*1 .25*1 .9m

Weight: 1700kg

The above models are hot-selling. This kind of wood debarker machine can use diesel engine or electric motor. Also, the processed wood log diameters are from 10-35cm. If interested, welcome to contact me at any time!

peeling machine for wood
peeling machine for wood

Components of wood flaking machine

The components of our wood peeling machine usually include a feed mechanism, a drum, knives or blades, and a discharge mechanism.

  • The feed mechanism feeds wood materials into the machine where they come into contact with the rotating drum and knives.
  • The knives or blades strip the wood and produce thin slices.
  • The discharge mechanism releases the finished wood chips from the machine.

These components work in tandem to efficiently strip and process the wood material.

How to efficiently peel wood logs?

Preparing the logs

Make sure the logs are clean and free of dirt or debris.

Align and feed

Align the logs correctly and feed them into the wood peeler one by one.

Adjusting settings

Set the machine to the desired peeling thickness and speed.


The machine’s rotating drum and knives will strip the bark from the logs.


Keep a close eye on the process to ensure smooth and consistent peeling.

Collect Peeled wood logs & flakes

Collect the debarked wood and flakes for further processing or use.

Why choose Shuliy as wood peeler manufacturer & supplier?

Shuliy Machinery is a renowned and trusted manufacturer and supplier of wood peeling machine in the industry.

We offer a wide range of wood debarker machines, including roller debarker, and vertical debarker. Both are known for their superior performance and durability.

With advanced technology and excellent workmanship, we ensure that the wood peeling is precise and efficient to meet diverse customer needs.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes them the first choice for businesses seeking reliable and high-quality wood peeling machine.

How about the wood log peeling machine price?

Before you buy the wood flaking machine, you should know the factors affecting the wood debarker price. Now we provide some aspects to consider when choosing a wood peeling machine.

Model, power, supplier, after-sales service and so on these are all affecting the price.

The wood peeling machine price ranges from $4000-$8000. If you want the exact price, please contact me now for more details!

Global cases of industrial wood debarker machine

Industrial wood peeling machine has been widely used and popularized in various countries around the world. It is sold in various countries including Australia, Pakistan, Spain, and South Korea for the wood processing industry.

The versatility and productivity of the machine have made it a popular solution in different parts of the globe.