Shuliy wood shavings machine is a specialized machine designed to produce fine and uniform wood shavings from a variety of wood materials. It works by feeding logs, lumber or wood waste into the machine, which chops and processes them into fine, uniform shavings.

These pine wood shavings have a wide range of uses, including animal bedding, packaging materials, and as raw materials for various industries such as poultry farming, horse stables, and biomass fuel production. Due to being highly efficient, easy to operate and cost-effective, the wood shavings machine is an essential tool for the wood processing and waste recycling industries. We also have wood crusher, wood chipper and other wood processing equipment for sale.

Wide applications of industrial wood shaving machine

Industrial wood shaving machine has a wide range of applications in various industries. They are commonly used to produce wood shavings that are used as animal bedding in livestock and poultry farms as well as in horse stables.

applications of wood shavings machine
applications of wood shavings machine

In addition, wood shavings are used in the packaging industry to cushion and protect fragile items during transportation. In woodworking and biomass pellet production, the wood chips produced by these machines serve as a valuable raw material. The versatility and efficiency of industrial planers make them a must-have for companies seeking cost-effective solutions for wood waste recycling and value-added product manufacturing.

Structural features of commercial wood shavings machine

Construction features of the commercial pine shaving machine include adjustable shavings thickness and simple internal construction.

By adjusting the inclination of the blade, the thickness of wood shavings can be easily controlled for different applications.

Its interior mainly consists of a cutter plate and blades, with the cutter plate unit fixed to the main shaft and the blades fixed to the cutter plate.

Highlights of wood shavings machine for animal bedding

  1. High efficiency: Wood shaving machine for animal bedding has a capacity of 800-5000kg/h, ensuring a steady supply of bedding needs.
  2. Adjustable thickness: You can adjust the thickness of the wood shavings, allowing for customization to suit different animal bedding(horse bedding & chicken bedding) preferences.
  3. Uniform shavings: The wood shavings machine produces uniform shavings that provide a comfortable and cozy bedding environment for animals.
  4. Low maintenance: Pine shaving machine is designed for easy maintenance, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.

How to make uniform pine shavings by wood shaving machine?

During operation, the wood is fed into the blade area through the feeding device and the blade rotates and shaves the wood to form fine wood shavings. Commercial wood shaving maker is popular for its adjustability and simplicity of construction and is suitable for a wide range of wood processing and waste disposal applications.

What’s the wood shavings machine price?

Shuliy wood shaving machine price may vary based on a number of factors, including the machine’s capacity, power, brand, and additional features. Prices will vary for each configuration. When choosing a shaving mill that suits your needs, you can contact us and we will provide you with a professional solution!

Service of Shuliy pine shaving machine

Technical support: The wood shavings machine supplier or manufacturer provides technical help and guidance on the installation, operation and maintenance of the machine.

Warranty: A warranty is usually provided to cover any manufacturing defects or failures for a specified period.

Spare parts: Shuliy will often provide readily available spare parts to ensure that downtime is minimized should any problems arise.

After-sales support: You can rely on after-sales support for troubleshooting, repairs and general assistance.

Customization: As a professional wood shavings machine supplier, we offer customization options to meet specific customer requirements.

User manuals: We also provide comprehensive user manuals to help you operate the machine correctly.

Technical specifications of wood shavings machine for sale

ModelPowerCapacityFeeding port sizeBlades Number
SL-42011 kw800-1000 kg/h150*150 mm4
SL-50015 kw1000-2000 kg/h200*200 mm4
SL-60022 kw2000-3000 kg/h250*250 mm4
SL-70030 kw3000-3500 kg/h300*300 mm6
SL-80037 kw3500-4000 kg/h350*350 mm6
SL-90045 kw4000-5000 kg/h400*400 mm4-6
SL-100055 kw5000-6000 kg/h450*450 mm4-6
hot-selling wood shavings machine parameters