A US customer plans to build a charcoal processing plant in Africa to make full use of the abundant coconut shell resources there. This customer is concerned about the charcoal production line‘s utilisation of raw materials, how environmentally friendly it is and whether it can provide a one-stop solution. Because he wanted to produce hexagonal shaped charcoal and charcoal balls, the customer wanted an affordable solution.

charcoal processing plant
charcoal processing plant

Shuliy solution for production hexagonal shaped charcoal and charcoal ball

Because this customer wants to use local coconut shells as raw material to produce hexagonal charcoal and coal balls, according to these two points we recommend the solution of carbonisation followed by shaped charcoal production.

Because the raw material is coconut shell, the equipment for producing coconut shell charcoal is preferred to the hoisting charcoal furnace because of the high cost performance. Then it is crushed, ground, and then the hexagonal coal and charcoal balls are produced by using the charcoal briquette machine and coal ball press. The specific solutions are as follows:

Carbonization furnace
Carbonization furnace
Model: SL- 1500
Output Capacity 700-800kg charcoal per time ,8-10hours per time
Heating source: Waste wood or coal, Per furnace need 50-80kg
Raw materials: Coconut shells ,wood logs,bamboo
Furnace diameter: 1500mm
Furnace thickness
Bottom:8mm   Round :6mm
1 pc
Charcoal crusher
Charcoal crusher
Model :SL-500
Hammers:30 pcs
Final  charcoal   powder  size Less than 1mm
1.Electric control cabinet
2.Dust removal bags:4
3.Air-lock wind system:12L
1 pc
Wheel grinder
Wheel grinder
Model :SL- 1500
Capacity:800- 1000kg per hour
1 pc
Charcoal briquette machine
Charcoal briquette machine
Capacity:500kg per hour
With cutter and conveyor
1 pc
Charcoal ball press machine
Charcoal ball press machine
Model :SL290
Capacity :1-2 tons per hour
Weight: 720kg
Shape:   Charcoal ball
1 pc
Binder mixer
Binder mixer
Model :SL- B100
1 pc
order list for USA client

Why choose Shuliy as charcoal processing plant supplier?

  • High efficiency and energy saving: Shuliy’s charcoal processing plant ensures the full use of raw material through the fine process and high-efficiency conversion rate. It adopts advanced pyrolysis technology and an automatic control system, which can improve production efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
  • Adaptable to a variety of raw materials: The production line is capable of processing a wide range of biomass waste, including coconut shells, and converting them into high-quality hexagonal charcoal and charcoal briquettes.
  • Customization: According to the customer’s specific needs, we provide customized shaped charcoal processing plant design and a one-stop solution to ensure the smooth running of the project.

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