The sawdust charcoal production line is an efficient and automated charcoal production equipment designed to convert biomass raw materials such as sawdust, rice husks, coconut shells, etc. into high-quality charcoal briquettes. This charcoal production line mainly focuses on molding and then carbonization. This charcoal processing line has capacities of 1-3t/d, 3-6t/d, and 6-10t/d. We can collate the matched equipment for your needs.

sawdust charcoal briquette production line
sawdust charcoal briquette production line

Work flow for wood sawdust charcoal production line

The mechanical charcoal production line is firstly briquetting and then carbonizing. The machine used for sawdust charcoal briquette line includes crusher, screw conveyor, drum dryer, screw divider, sawdust briquette making machine and charcoal furnace.

Step 1: Crush raw materials

The raw materials are processed through the pulverizer to break them into fine particles.

Step 2: Dry sawdust

sawdust dryer machine

Convey crushed materials to the drum dryer by the screw conveyor for drying to reduce the humidity of the raw materials.

Step 3: Screw separate sawdust

Raw materials go through the spiral separator to separate the different sizes of raw materials for processing.

Step 5: Press biomass briquettes

The separated raw materials are fed into the sawdust briquette press to make charcoal briquettes by pressing and molding.

Step 6: Carbonize sawdust briquettes

Use this vertical carbonization furnace to carbonize them to get high-quality charcoal.

Step 7: Package charcoal briquettes

charcoal bagging machine

You can use the charcoal packaging machine to pack and then use the sealing machine to make the final products in neat and clean cases.

Advantages of Shuliy sawdust charcoal briquette production line

  1. Make full use of the raw materials to improve the yield and quality of charcoal. By molding first, it can make the raw materials more tightly combined together to form strong charcoal sticks. And by carbonizing later, it can make the charcoal denser, with higher calorific value and longer burning time.
  2. Improve production efficiency and save resources. Forming and carbonization are carried out separately to make the whole production process more continuous and efficient.

Applications of wood sawdust charcoal production line

Shuliy biomass charcoal production line has the advantages of high production efficiency, good quality of finished charcoal, easy operation, etc. It is suitable for large-scale charcoal manufacturers and small and medium-sized charcoal processing enterprises.

Through the mechanism sawdust charcoal production line, biomass resources can be effectively utilized to produce high-quality charcoal that meets the requirements of environmental protection and satisfies the market demand.

Capacity of the sawdust briquette production line

1-3t/d sawdust charcoal briquette production line

This sawdust charcoal production line is suitable for small-scale charcoal production, including raw material treatment, carbonization and molding.

The output of the sawdust briquetting machine is relatively low, but it can still meet the needs of small-scale production.

3-6t/d biomass charcoal produciton line

For medium-sized charcoal production, this line requires a higher capacity wood briquette press machine to meet the production demand. The equipment is better equipped for more efficient carbonization and molding.

6-10t/d sawdust charcoal processing line

This sawdust charcoal production line is applicable to large-scale charcoal production, which requires a larger capacity sawdust briquettes machine and more efficient carbonization and molding equipment. The degree of automation of the whole production line will be increased accordingly.sawdust briquettes machine

Therefore, the output range of the mechanism sawdust charcoal production line covers different scales of production requirements, while the output of briquette making machine will increase with the increase of production to ensure the matching of production efficiency and output.

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