BBQ charcoal production line is a production line to produce charcoal balls from charcoal coal powder, and the finished product is mainly used in BBQ stalls. Therefore, it is also called specialized BBQ charcoal balls. The charcoal production line adopts advanced production technology to convert biomass materials such as wood chips, bamboo chips and fruit shells into high-quality BBQ charcoal.

barbecue coal briquette press
barbecue coal briquette press

Final products of BBQ charcoal production line

charcoal briquettes
charcoal briquettes

Our BBQ charcoal production line can flexibly produce BBQ charcoal in various sizes and spherical shapes to meet the needs of different customers. The produced BBQ charcoal has high density, long burning time and less charcoal ash, providing continuous and stable high-temperature heat, making your BBQ experience more enjoyable.

Applications of BBQ charcoal balls

BBQ charcoal balls are widely used for outdoor grilling, camping and home cooking, and are the ideal barbecue fuel, providing long-lasting high-temperature heat.

How to produce BBQ charcoal?

Material carbonizing

small charcoal furnace

Use the charcoal furnace to carbonize the raw materials. We have three types of carbonization furnaces, choose the suitable one based on the raw materials.

Charcoal crusher

large charcoal crushers of Shuliy factory

The carbonized material will be processed by the coal pulverizer to make them into fine particles.

Mixing evenly

wheel mill for powder grinding and mixing

Mix the charcoal powder and the appropriate amount of binder evenly to ensure the molding effect and combustion stability.


BBQ coal ball press machine

The mixture is pressed into expected shapes by the BBQ charcoal machine (e.g. ball presses, molding machines, etc.).


mesh belt dryer machine

The formed BBQ charcoal is dried by using a drying machine to reduce the humidity and increase the density and combustion efficiency of the charcoal.


quantitative packaging machine for BBQ charcoal

After cooling, the dried BBQ charcoal briquettes need to be packaged for storage.

How about the BBQ charcoal briquettes price?

The price of BBQ charcoal briquettes varies depending on the production process, material quality and specifications, and is usually more reasonably priced in the market. Higher quality BBQ charcoal briquettes usually have a relatively higher price, but they have a long burning time, less charcoal ash, and long lasting heat, which can provide users with a better barbecue experience.

Contact me to buy a BBQ charcoal production line!

You can contact BBQ charcoal machine manufacturers (e.g. Shuliy Machinery) to buy and customize the BBQ charcoal production line that is suitable for your needs. Our professional team will provide you with consultation and technical support to ensure that you get a high-performance production line that is moderately adjusted and optimized to meet your individual needs. Purchasing a BBQ charcoal production line will help you achieve efficient, consistent and high-quality charcoal production, allowing your BBQ business to flourish!