Continuous carbonization furnace is an efficient and energy-saving carbonization equipment, which is specially used to convert coconut shells, rice hulls, etc into high-quality charcoal with a capacity of 800-1000kg/h.

With its continuous feature, the continuous charcoal furnace makes the charcoal production process smoother and more efficient.

Whether you are engaged in charcoal production or environmentally friendly resource utilization, the charcoal making machine will be your best choice to provide you with continuous and stable production efficiency and high-quality finished charcoal.

Raw materials for Shuliy continuous carbonization furnace

This kind of carbonization furnace is suitable for carbonization of many kinds of biomass raw materials, including:

Rice husks, coconut shells, palm shells, peanut shells, sawdust, nut shells, corn stalks, bagasse, tree branches, bamboo shavings, sorghum stalks, sunflower seed shells, wine lees, corn cores, apricot shells, coffee residue, cotton stalks, bean stalks, taro grass, withered leaves, Chinese medicine dregs, hemp stalks, etc.

Granular materials with a diameter of less than 10 cm can be carbonized.

In addition, the continuous carbonization furnace can also process other materials with biomass properties, such as electronic waste, cans, waste wires, sludge, household waste, etc., to effectively utilize these resources and promote sustainable development.

Features of coconut charcoal machine

  • Carbonizing capacity of 800-1000kg/h: Continuous carbonization furnace can complete the carbonization process of wood in one time, and the carbonization efficiency is greatly improved.
  • Environmental protection: Rice husk charcoal making machine adopts advanced oxygen control technology, and the gas emission during the charring process is effectively controlled, so as to achieve the effect of environmental protection.
  • Simple operation: The operation of a continuous carbonization furnace is very simple, only need to put the raw materials into the furnace and turn on the equipment.
  • Advanced control technology: Continuous carbonization furnace can accurately control the carbonization temperature and time, which makes its stability very good.
  • Wide applicability: Continuous charring furnace is suitable for coconut shell, rice husk, sawdust, softwood, bamboo and so on.
biomass carbonization machine for sale
biomass carbonization machine for sale

Technical parameters of continuous carbonizing machine

Main Power(kw)18.518.520
Carbonization Temperature(℃)500-800500-800500-800
Fan Power(kw)
continuous carbonization furnace parameters

In the above, the capacity is referred to the output, and the feed is according to the specific gravity of raw materials. And the whole process of carbonization takes 20-25min.

Considering all these factors together, only then can you select the most suitable continuous charcoal furnace for your enterprise’s needs.

Applications of rice husk charcoal making machine

  • Charcoal production: Continuous carbonization furnace is widely used in charcoal production, which can greatly improve carbonization efficiency, reduce energy consumption and lower production costs.
  • Crop residue treatment: The treatment of crop residue has always been a difficult problem, continuous carbonization furnace can efficiently treat the crop residue and turn it into useful resources.
  • Biomass energy production: Biomass energy production is also an important application field of continuous carbonization furnace. By carbonizing biomass materials, they can be converted into useful fuels

Structure of continuous carbonization furnace

The structure of a continuous charcoal furnace is well-designed, mainly composed of feeding system, charcoal furnace body, heating system, control system and discharging system.

S/NMachine part nameFunction
1Feeding systemresponsible for continuously feeding the raw materials into the furnace to ensure the continuity of the production process
2Carbonization furnace bodykeeps the temperature uniform through the sandwich structure to effectively carbonize the raw materials
3Heating systemprovides a stable high-temperature environment to promote the carbonization reaction
4Control systemmonitors and regulates the production process automatically to ensure safety and high efficiency
5Discharge systemequipped with a cooling device to ensure high quality output of the finished charcoal
components of continuous carbonization furnace

These components together realize the efficient and stable charcoal production of the continuous charcoal furnace.

Matched Equipment for Shuliy continuous carbonization furnace

Feeding device

The carbonizer machine is suitable for fine raw materials and must be equipped with a feeding device to ensure that the raw materials are continuously put into the furnace, thus realizing an efficient carbonization production process.

Water spray dust removing system

Types of charcoal furnace filters

Charcoal manufacturing process: how to make charcoal?

When you want to make charcoal, follow the below step to help you charcoal making sucessully:


Turn on the gasifier safety and wait for the temperature to rise to 70 degrees.


Start the ignition to preheat for about an hour.

Check blue fire

Always check for blue fire in the furnace to determine if it is lit.

Feed materials

When the temperature reaches about 280 degrees, you can start feeding materials. According to different materials, the temperature should be adjusted accordingly, such as straw about 200 degrees.

Observe and turn off the fire

Observe the combustion pool, you can turn off the fire head when there is an open fire, and utilize the circulating combustible gas to burn and save energy.


The discharge port is equipped with a condenser, which has a cooling effect and ensures that the charcoal coming out is about 50 degrees, preventing it from burning again.

The above working sequence ensures the efficient and safe operation of the continuous carbonization furnace, which makes the carbonization process stable and energy-saving, and at the same time adapts to the processing needs of different materials.

Factors affecting the continuous carbonizer furnace choice

  • First of all, carbonization efficiency is an important consideration, and a high-efficiency carbonization furnace can effectively improve production efficiency and increase output.
  • Secondly, environmental protection is a factor that cannot be ignored, a quality continuous carbonization furnace should have the ability to reduce environmental pollution and meet the needs of sustainable development.
  • Thirdly, stability is also crucial, stable operation can ensure that the quality and quantity of charcoal produced is stable.
  • Finally, consider the maintenance cost. Choosing a charcoal furnace with lower maintenance cost can reduce the production expenditure of the enterprise.

How to use carbonizer furnace in the charcoal processing line?

Our palm kernel shell charcoal machine is used in coal production lines to carbonize various raw materials or to pini kay briquettes, corresponding to different coal production lines.

It is worth noting that the process may vary slightly depending on the type and design of the carbonization furnace and the specific requirements of the charcoal production line, please contact us for more information.

rish husk charcoal making machine
rish husk charcoal making machine

Successful cases of Shuliy continuous carbonization furnace

Shuliy continuous carbonization furnace has achieved successful installations in various countries, including the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Guinea, and Ghana.

These cases showcase the versatility and reliability of our carbonization technology across different regions and conditions.

The furnace’s advanced design and efficient operation have consistently delivered high-quality charcoal production, contributing to sustainable energy solutions and environmental conservation in these nations.

FAQ of coconut charcoal machine

What are the raw material moisture requirements? What if the moisture of raw material is high?

The moisture of raw material should be less than 20%. If the moisture is high, it needs to be dried in advance with drying equipment first.

What’s the requirement for the raw material size?

Any material under 10 centimeters is OK.

What are the materials that can be processed by the continuous carbonization furnace?

Shuliy continuous carbonizing furnaces can handle tins, aluminum foils, cans, household garbage, plastics, e-waste, etc. besides biomass.