In today’s era of pursuing efficient energy utilization and environmental protection, honeycomb coal is attracting attention as an innovative form of energy. The unique structure and excellent performance of honeycomb coal make it an ideal alternative to traditional coal. And in the production process of honeycomb coal, the honeycomb coal machine plays a key role.

Introduction to Shuliy honeycomb briquette machine

Our honeycomb coal briquette machine is specialized equipment for producing honeycomb coal, also known as honeycomb charcoal or honeycomb briquette. It is made by pressing and processing powdered materials, such as pulverized coal, to form briquettes with multiple small holes. These small holes have a hexagonal or honeycomb-like structure, hence the name honeycomb coal.

Moulds of honeycomb briquette machine for sale

When using a honeycomb coal machine for coal production, molds are needed. Different molds can produce different hexagonal coals. You can tell us your needs and we will configure them according to your needs.

Besides, this machine can also use other molds for coal stick production, just like the finished product of the charcoal extruder machine, as shown in the picture above.

Advantages of using honeycomb coal briquette

The advantage of the honeycomb coal machine is to improve the utilization rate and burning effect of coal. As honeycomb coal has multiple small pores, it can increase the surface area and improve the burning speed and combustion efficiency of coal. At the same time, the porous structure of honeycomb coal also makes it have high density, which makes the coal more stable and convenient during storage, transportation and use.

Finished charcoal briquette features

The honeycomb briquette machine can produce finished products in a variety of shapes, including honeycomb coals with a diameter of 12.14cm and a height adjustable up to 8cm, as well as the common hexagonal shape with a length of 7cm, adjustable up to 8cm and a diagonal diameter of 5cm.

various honeycomb coals
various honeycomb coals
coal briquettes with flower shape
coal briquettes with flower shape

In terms of the weight of the finished product, the carbon bars weigh around 300-400g, while the coal briquettes weigh around 1.1-1.2kg. In addition, the 22-model machine can also produce hexagonal coal rods of 8-12cm.

Application of honeycomb briquette machine

Shuliy honeycomb coal briquette machine not only plays an important role in coal industry, but also widely used in energy, heating, transportation, metallurgy, cement, building materials, chemical industry and other industries. It is not only suitable for coal pressing, but also can be used to handle various powder materials.

Whether it is to improve the quality and utilization rate of coal in the coal industry, or to press and process powder materials in other industries, the honeycomb briquette machine plays an important role.

Structure of honeycomb briquette making machine

The structure consists of motor, triangle belt, inlet, rocker arm, punch, grinding disk (mold) and discharge (belt).

How to make honeycomb charcoal?

working scene of shuliy honeycomb briquette machine
working scene of shuliy honeycomb briquette machine

The working principle of the honeycomb coal briquette machine is to drive the pulley through the motor, which in turn drives the whole machine. It adopts two stamping methods, the first one is formed by stamping and the second one is demolded to ensure the quality of finished products. Motor or diesel engine can be chosen as the power source according to the customer’s demand.

Features of honeycomb coal briquette machine

  • The coal briquetting machine has the function of pre-pressure, which can realize the high-density production of the finished product.
  • Shuliy honeycomb briquette machine combines the production of honeycomb coal and hexagonal coal sticks, which has a wider market adaptability.
  • The wearing parts of the machine are mainly punching needles and molds, the life of which is generally about half a year to a year, easy to replace and maintain, and have a long service life.

What about the coal briquette machine price?

honeycomb briquette machine price
honeycomb briquette machine price

The price of a honeycomb briquette machine is affected by a number of factors, including equipment specifications, production capacity, configuration options and market supply and demand, after-sales service, equipment quality and brand reputation. If you want to know more about the price, we suggest you contact us, our professional managers will provide you with suggestions to make the best choice.

Export Shuliy honeycomb briquette machine to various countries

Shuli Machinery honeycomb coal briquette machine has successfully entered several markets, such as Uganda, Russia, Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan. The coal briquette machine has become an important production tool in the development of the charcoal industry in these countries and regions.

The products of Shuliy Machinery have won wide recognition and praise in the international market for their highly efficient production capacity, various shape options and high-quality finished product features. If you’re interested, contact us now for more details!

Maintainance of honeycomb briquette machine

In order to ensure the normal operation of the machine, the coal briquetting machine needs regular maintenance and repair. The conveyor belt part needs to be greased on the internal gears and the bearing part needs to be filled with machine oil. Maintenance is carried out at specified intervals, such as once a day for the first week, after which it can be adjusted to once every 10 or 15 days.

Technical parameters of coal briquette making machine

Capacity 45pcs/min454545
Coal diameterφ100-φ120mmφ100-φ140φ100-φ160φ180-φ220
Coal height 70-80mm70-80mm70-80mm100mm
Power 7.5kw7.5kw7.5kw11kw
Shaft speed 406rpm406rpm410rpm460rpm
Dimension1280 *1160*1750mm1320*1260*1850mm1400*1300*2000mm1580*1450*2200mm
Coal pressure resistance60-90kg60-90kg60-90kg60-90kg
Weight 1200kg1400kg2000kg4000kg
honeycomb briquette machine parameters