The sawdust briquettes production line is an efficient, automated process that converts raw wood sawdust into dense briquettes. It involves several key steps, including pulverizing the sawdust, drying it in a drum dryer, and feeding it into a briquette making machine to produce the final briquettes.

pini kay briquettes production line
pini kay briquettes production line

The pini-kay briquettes production line ensures the production of high-quality, uniform and environmentally friendly briquettes that can be used for a variety of applications such as fuel or heating.

Flow chart for the biomass sawdust briquettes production line

The equipment sequence used in the biomass briquettes production line is:

Pulverizer → Screw conveyor → Drum dryer → Screw conveyor → Screw Dispenser → Wood sawdust briquette making machine.


hammer mill crusher

Because of the raw materials with the big sizes, this kind of hammer mill grinder is to crush and grind the wood materials into sawdust.


sawdust dryer machine

After grinding, the sawdust has a certain of water, thus, a sawdust drying machine is required for this process.


The sawdust comes to the sawdust briquette press to extrude the shaped pini kay briquette.

Advantages of pini-kay briquettes production line

  1. High efficiency: The sawdust briquettes production line is designed for continuous and efficient production, ensuring a consistent output of high-quality briquettes.
  2. Multifunctional: This line can process a wide range of raw materials, including sawdust, wood chips, agricultural residues and other biomass materials, providing flexibility in the choice of raw materials.
  3. Customizable: Shuliy pini-kay briquettes production line can be customized and configured to meet different market demands and customer preferences.

Sawdust briquettes making process details

Firstly, the raw sawdust is pulverized into fine particles using a pulverizer.

Then, the sawdust is transferred to a drum dryer for thorough drying using a screw conveyor.

After drying, another screw conveyor is used to transfer the dried sawdust to the screw dispenser.

Finally, the sawdust is fed into a sawdust briquette press machine to form sticks efficiently and in bulk.

What are the accessories for the sawdust briquettes production line?

Heating rings, screw, and molding cylinders (molds). When you buy the sawdust briquette production line, you can ask for more accessories for an emergency. And we will provide you at a good price.

How to find a good wood sawdust briquettes production line supplier?

To find a good biomass sawdust briquettes production line supplier, consider factors such as their reputation, experience, customer reviews and machine quality. Look for a supplier with a proven track record, a wide range of products and excellent after-sales service.

Like Shuliy, a reliable and reputable supplier who has received a large number of favorable reviews for the quality and performance of briquettes production lines, which are often exported overseas. You can contact us if you have any needs!