Wood crusher machine, also known as sawdust making machine or wood shredder, is specialized in shredding wood segments, branches, etc. into smaller particles or sawdust with sizes of 3-20mm. It can handle wood with a capacity of 800-6000kg/h.

It is commonly used in various industries such as woodworking, papermill, biomass pellet production and waste recycling.

Shuliy wood crusher is available in a variety of sizes and capacities to meet different processing needs. Thus, this wood shredder plays a vital role in converting wood waste into valuable resources, such as sawdust, which can be further utilized in a variety of applications. Also, it’s usually used in the sawdust charcoal briquettes plant.

Features of wood shredder

  1. Versatility: The sawdust making machine can handle a variety of types of wood waste, including branches, pallets, furniture waste and other wood materials.
  2. Durability: Shuliy wood shredder is made of sturdy materials to ensure long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear.
  3. Easy to operate: This wood crusher machine has user-friendly controls that make it easy to operate even for inexperienced users.
  4. Cost-effectiveness: Sawdust making machine helps save money on waste disposal costs and is a valuable investment for wood processing companies.
  5. Customization: Our wood crusher can do all kinds of feeding and discharging ports, upper, lower, etc. according to customer’s demand.

Technical data of wood crusher machine for sale

ModelPowerCapacityFeeding port sizeBlades Number
SL-42011 kw800-1000 kg/h150*150 mm4
SL-50015 kw1000-2000 kg/h200*200 mm4
SL-60022 kw2000-3000 kg/h250*250 mm4
SL-70030 kw3000-3500 kg/h300*300 mm6
SL-80037 kw3500-4000 kg/h350*350 mm6
SL-90045 kw4000-5000 kg/h400*400 mm4-6
SL-100055 kw5000-6000 kg/h450*450 mm4-6
wood crusher parameters

Materials that can be crushed by sawdust making machine

The sawdust machine efficiently processes logs, branches, spindles and other wood wastes. In addition, this wood shredder machine can crush materials, and then use the hammer mill for fine grinding.

Internal structure of biomass wood crusher machine design

The internal structure of the wood crusher machine includes a knife plate, blade and screen. The knife plate is located on the main shaft of the machine and the blades are fixed to the knife plate.

How to use the wood crusher to make sawdust?

The working principle of Shuliy wood crusher machine is feeding logs, branches, lumber or other wood waste into the machine’s feed hopper.

Inside the machine, rotating blades chop and crush the wood material into smaller pieces. The machine also has a screen that controls the size of the output particles.

Global cases of small wood crusher machine

Small wood crusher is popular worldwide due to its versatility and efficiency in processing wood waste. Successful global implementations are found in several countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia, etc.

These machines have been widely used in woodworking shops, furniture manufacturers, biomass pellet plants and other industries that generate wood waste.

With their compact size, ease of operation and cost-effectiveness, small wood crusher machines have become a must-have tool for companies seeking to optimize their wood waste management and recycling processes worldwide.

Various types of wood crusher machines display

Our sawdust making machine has different shapes to meet customers’ needs. From small to large capacity, feeding to discharging, also power system, we can customize these to facilitate your business.

Small wood crusher machine

Wood shredder with different outlets

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