The shisha charcoal packing machine, also known as the pillow packaging machine, is a specialized packaging machine for hookah charcoal products. The machine has the flexibility to pack both round and square pieces of hookah charcoal and the number of pieces per pack can be customized according to customer needs.

In addition, the hookah charcoal packaging machine can be customized to design packaging styles and patterns to add unique branding features to the product. The use of shisha charcoal packing machine for automated packaging not only improves packaging efficiency and reduces labor costs, but also ensures the consistency and aesthetics of the packaging. The charcoal bagging machine plays an important role in the production line of shisha charcoal, providing efficient and precise packaging solutions for enterprises.

Why use Shuliy shisha charcoal packing machine?

Through the packaging of the shisha charcoal packing machine, the product is not only easier to carry and store, but also effective in preventing moisture and preserving freshness, ensuring that the hookah charcoal quality.

Such packaging not only improves the added value of the hookah charcoal products, but also increases the market competitiveness of the products, so that the enterprise can better meet the needs of consumers and enhance the brand image and sales performance.

Final products of charcoal bagging machine

The finished product of the shisha charcoal packing machine is a carefully packaged hookah charcoal product, whether it is a round piece or a square piece, which is put into customized bags. These bags can be designed according to customer requirements and can be printed with brand logos, product information and various patterns to make the product more attractive and recognizable.

Features of shisha charcoal packing machine

  • Step motor control, bag length is set that cut, no need to adjust, save time and film.
  • Human-machine interface, convenient parameter setting.
  • Failure self-diagnosis function, fault display at a glance.
  • High sensitivity photoelectric eye color tracking, digital input the sealing and cutting position, so that the sealing and cutting position is more accurate.
  • Temperature-independent PID control is better suited to a variety of packaging materials.
  • Positioning stop function, no sticking knife, no waste of wrapping film.
  • The transmission system is simple, more reliable, and maintenance is more convenient.
  • All control is realized by software, convenient for function adjustment and technology upgrading, and keeps advanced.

Packing and shipping shisha charcoal bagging machine

Before shipment, we always pack the pillow packaging machine for safe delivery.

Technical specifications of shisha charcoal packing machine

Width of wrapping film100-280mm
Bag length80-300mm
Product height5-60mm (above 60mm according to customer’s requirement)
Diameter of film rollDiameter of the film roll
Packing speed120 bags/min
Power220V50HZ 2.5kw, 220V 50HZ 0.75KW, 220V 50HZ 0.3KW(slicer)
Dimension(L)4000×(W)900×(H)1500mm; (L)3700×(W)950×(H)1500mm
Total weight500kg
specifications of charcoal bagging machine