The Omani client was committed to developing a hookah charcoal production business to meet the demand for shisha charcoal in the local and international markets. Considering the resources and market conditions in the Omani region, the customer wanted to produce cubic shisha charcoal that would meet local tastes with the help of a shisha charcoal tablet press.

Shuliy solution for Oman

To meet the customer’s needs, we recommended a combination of a hookah charcoal machine and a wheel mill to the Omani customer.

The shisha hookah press machine is used to make charcoal powder for shaped hookah charcoal, the wheel mill is used to break and mix the raw material, thus automating and continuousizing the entire production process.

Advantages of the solution

  • Adapted to local needs: Our equipment is adapted to the local market needs and tastes of Oman, producing high-quality hookah charcoal that meets the tastes of the local consumers.
  • Efficient production: The combination of shisha charcoal tablet press and wheel mill enables high efficiency and mass production of hookah charcoal to meet the customer’s mass production needs.
  • Product quality guarantee: Shuliy equipment is made of high-quality materials and undergoes strict quality inspection, which guarantees the stable and reliable quality of the produced hookah charcoal products.

Package and delivery of shisha charcoal tablet press to Oman

We wrap the machine in film and load it into a container for shipping.

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