This kind of shisha charcoal press machine is a hydraulic hookah charcoal machine, that efficiently produces square or round hookah charcoal. This machine is often used in conjunction with a conveyor belt to automate the process.

The machine has a separate control cabinet, which makes it more convenient and safe to use. If you’re interested in the shisha charcoal machine, welcome to contact me for more details!

Structure of hydraulic shisha charcoal press machine

The structural design of the hydraulic hookah charcoal machine reflects the application of advanced technology.

S/NMachine part nameFunction
1PLC control systemthe intelligent core of the whole machine, realizing the precise control of the automatic production process
2Hydraulic pumpprovide the power source, which powers the hydraulic cylinder through the hydraulic system to realize the pressing and molding of raw materials
3Conveyor beltconvey the finished hookah charcoal
hydraulic shisha charcoal press machine structure list

The reasonable configuration and coordinated operation of these key components make the hydraulic shisha charcoal machine excel in efficient production.

Two types of conveyor belts for shisha charcoal tablet press machine

mesh conveyor for hydraulic hookah charcoal machine
mesh conveyor for hydraulic hookah charcoal machine

The mesh conveyor belt adopts a uniform grid structure to ensure smooth transfer and accurate positioning of the raw materials, and is often suitable for use together with the hydraulic hookah charcoal briquette press.

belt conveyor for hydraulic shisha charcoal press machine
belt conveyor for hydraulic shisha charcoal press machine

Belt conveyor, on the other hand, is powered by a stable conveyor belt and are sometimes used to transport finished products.

Workflow of Shuliy hydraulic shisha hookah tablet press

hydraulic hookah charcoal press
hydraulic hookah charcoal press

Step 1: Feed the raw materials to the feeder. You can also use the elevator to send it to the feeder.

Step 2: In the molding area, the hydraulic system starts to work to press and mold the raw materials to form the finished hookah charcoal products.

Step 3: The finished products are pushed out through the back side baffle to facilitate subsequent processing and packaging.

The entire workflow is highly efficient and automated, guaranteeing continuous production and consistent quality of hookah charcoal.

Advantages of shisha charcoal press machine using hydraulic system

The hydraulic shisha charcoal press machine adopts hydraulic power, which has several advantages. Firstly, the hydraulic system can realize the transmission of high pressure, which makes the press molding more even and stable.

Secondly, the hydraulic system responds quickly, making the production efficiency of the finished product greatly improved.

In addition, hydraulic power can also realize precise control of the molding process, which guarantees the consistency of the quality of the finished product.

Technical parameters of hydraulic shisha charcoal machine

Model: SLSS-1

Compression strength:100 kn

Press diameter: 33 35 38 40 43 mm

Production capacity: 20-23times/minute 11pieces/time

Overall dimension: 2500*900*1500 mm3

Packing size: 1400*1100*1650 mm3

Motor power: 7.5 kw

Host weight: 1500 kg