Shuliy waste wood crusher machine is a powerful and efficient machine designed for processing all kinds of waste wood materials, such as wood pallets, wood branches, and waste wood with nails, into wood pieces.

With its powerful crushing capacity(8-30t/h) and advanced technology, this wood pallet shredder machine can easily crush wood waste into small particles that are perfect for recycling and reuse.

The wood waste crusher machine is easy to operate and its robust construction ensures long-lasting performance.

Whether you need to dispose of wood pallets, wood chips or other waste wood materials, the Shuliy waste wood crusher is the perfect solution for turning waste into treasure.

Features of waste wood crusher machine

  • Irregular wood chips: The machine efficiently crushes wood waste into irregular wood chips, making them suitable for a variety of applications such as biomass fuel, mulch or compost.
  • High processing capacity: With its robust design and powerful shredding mechanism, the waste wood crusher machine can handle large quantities of wooden pallets, thus optimizing productivity and efficiency.
  • Magnetic separation system: This magnetic mechanism automatically separates nails and other metal contaminants from the finished wood chips, ensuring product purity and safety.

What materials can be shredded by waste wood crusher machine?

Shuliy waste wood crusher can crush all types of wood waste, including but not limited to wooden pallets, wooden furniture offcuts, wooden doors and windows, building templates (usually containing nails), wood chips and trimmings, branches and twigs.

With its powerful crushing capacity and robust design, the wood pallet crusher effectively crushes these wood wastes into small particles for easy recycling and reuse.

Its ability to process a wide range of wood wastes makes it a versatile and essential tool for wood processing and waste management.

How does the wood waste crusher machine work?

The waste wood crusher machine works by feeding wood waste into the machine’s feed hopper.

There are rotating cutting blades or knife rollers inside the machine, to shred the wood waste into smaller pieces. These cutting blades are designed to be sharp and sturdy to ensure efficient shredding.

The chopped wood waste passes through a screen, which helps control the size of the output particles. The size of the mesh determines the final size of the resulting wood chips or pellets.

Wood pallet shredder machine for sale

As a comprehensive manufacturer and supplier of charcoal-based wood processing equipment, we have a wide range of machines, including wood pallet shredders for sale! We show you below.

Waste wood shredder machine in the line

complete wood wastes shredding unit
complete wood wastes shredding unit

This wood processing equipment is ideal for use in charcoal making machine lines or wood chips lines.

A large amount of wood waste is processed at the front end of the production line, after which it is finely processed using equipment such as a wood pulverizer to make subsequent production more efficient.

Export of Shuliy waste wood crusher machine

Shuliy waste wood crushing machine is widely exported to various countries around the world. Such as the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and Malaysia.

Transportation of waste wood crusher machine is usually done through international transportation. Vehicles are used directly to bring the machines to the ports and load them into shipping containers for the timely delivery of products to customers worldwide.

Technical data of comprehensive crusher

Feeding inlet size1300*500mm1400*800mm1600*800mm
Feeding maximum diameter400mm500mm600mm
Total power156.5kw213.5kw233.5kw
waste wood shredder machine specifications