Shuliy charcoal dryer machine is drying equipment that quickly dries wet charcoal briquettes, honeycomb coal, and shisha hookah charcoal to keep the finished product complete. As important equipment, this coal dryer machine plays a vital role in coal-type production. It adopts heat-insulating cotton for intermediate heat preservation, and can adjust the temperature flexibly. The finished coal is placed in the cart, and the fast and efficient drying process is realized through different heating methods.

Types of briquettes charcoal dryer machine

According to the different heating methods, the briquettes dryer machine is divided into electric heating type, heat pump type. Among them, the heat pump type can use traditional coal and firewood as fuel. According to the actual demand, you can choose the suitable heating method to ensure the efficient drying of coal. The drying room can quickly dry the wet coal, greatly improve production efficiency and save energy costs.

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Wide applications of charcoal dryer machine

The charcoal briquettesdryer machine is not only suitable for coal bars, charcoal, also for vegetables, potato chips, fish, tea, lily, rice flour, sausage, mushroom, wood, pepper, berry, etc.

Structure of batch briquettes dryer machine

The structure of the drying machine is well-designed, and the interior is equipped with heat-insulating cotton, which ensures stable temperature during the drying process and effectively prevents the heat energy from being dissipated.

Matched equipment for charcoal briquettes dryer machine

The number of trolleys can be flexibly configured according to the volume of the drying room to meet the needs of different scales of coal production.

Global cases of charcoal dryer machine

Successful application cases of the drying machine are all over the various coal-type production enterprises. By using the highly efficient and reliable charcoal dryer machine, the operation efficiency of the charcoal briquettes production line has been significantly improved and the quality of the coal has been guaranteed. The following is a picture of the packaging and shipment of our dryer machine.

Technical parameters of coal dryer machine

Number of plates(pcs)244896144196
Area of the plates(㎡)7.6211.5223.0434.5646.08
charcoal briquettes dryer machine