In today’s market, to make shisha charcoal (high-quality water-smoked charcoal) has become a trend. To meet the growing demand, we offer a specially designed charcoal machine to help you produce high-quality hookah charcoal efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner.

cubic hookah charcoal for sale
cubic hookah charcoal for sale

Overview of the production process – using our charcoal machine

Raw material preparation: Firstly, biomass waste such as wood chips and coconut shells are used as raw materials.

Crushing and drying: The raw materials are processed into uniform particles and reduced in moisture content using the crushing and drying equipment accompanying the charcoal machine.

Charring process: Charring is carried out in our customized continuous or batch charring ovens to ensure a long burning time, smoke-free and high calorific value of the final product.

Grinding and mixing: Carbinazed materials have big particles, which need to be ground into small charcoal powder and mixed with the bind for high-quality shisha charcoal making.

Shisha charcoal molding: Finally, the charcoal powder or coal powder is then pressed into specific shapes suitable for waterpipe use using precision forming moulds. In this step, our hookah charcoal machine does a great help to make shisha charcoal.

shisha hookah charcoal tablet press
shisha hookah charcoal tablet press

Advantages of our shisha charcoal machine

  • High efficiency and energy saving: Adopting advanced technology to shorten the production cycle and improve the energy utilization rate.
  • Environmental friendly: The charring process produces a small amount of harmful gases and is equipped with a tail gas treatment device, which is in line with environmental standards.
  • Easy to operate: Humanized design, easy to start, convenient maintenance, can quickly achieve large-scale stable production.
  • Quality assurance: The quality of the produced water-smoked charcoal is stable and fully meets the strict requirements of the international market.

Customer cases and feedback to make shisha charcoal

Recently, customers from many countries have chosen our charcoal machine to produce high-quality water-smoked charcoal, and the response has been enthusiastic, such as shisha charcoal machine plant sold to Indonesia.

They praised the superior performance and stable operation of our machine, and spoke highly of the quality of the finished water smoked charcoal.

This not only proves the professionalism and reliability of our charcoal machine in the field of water-smoked charcoal production, but also highlights its great commercial value.

make shisha charcoal
make high-quality shisha charcoal

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