Good news to Shuliy! A customer from the Botswana region ordered a wood shavings mill with a capacity of 500kg/h. Because of the machine quality, our reputation for reliability, and the quality of the finished product, our wood shaving machine provides solutions for animal bedding in the Botswana region and the livestock industry in the region.

Why buy the wood shavings mill for Botawana?

Botswana has a thriving agriculture and livestock industry, and animal bedding has become an important component. The wood shavings mill produces wood shavings that serve as high-quality bedding, providing optimum comfort and hygiene for livestock.

Thus, this client decided to buy a wood shaving machine for his needs. By producing wood shavings, he was not only able to meet his own needs, but also saw the potential to meet the needs of neighboring farms and livestock operations. He can also sell high-quality wood shavings for profit.

Reasons for buying Shuliy wood shavings mill

Shuliy’s wood shaving mill combines efficiency and precision to ensure that wood shavings are produced with consistent size and grain. This commitment to quality aligns with the client’s vision of delivering quality bedding to the market.

wood shavings machine for sale
wood shavings machine for sale

Also, our wood shavings mill has great performance, super quality and cost-effective price. It’s an ideal machine for wood shavings for animal bedding.

Reference to machine parameters for Botswana

Wood shaving mill
Wood shaving machine
Model: SL-600
Power: 15kw
Capacity: 500kg per hour
1 set
wood shaving machine parameters

Notes: Because the machine warranty is 12 months, in this 12 months, if there is a non-man-made machine failure, we are free to change the parts.

Wood shavings mill package & delivery