Honeycomb coal, a versatile biomass fuel, is rapidly gaining popularity in the global energy market. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the benefits of honeycomb briquettes, the machines required to make it, the manufacturing process and the pricing advice provided by Shuliy Machinery.

Benefits of honeycomb coal

Making honeycomb charcoal is an environmentally friendly process that uses renewable biomass resources such as wood chips, straw and plant residues. This not only reduces the pressure on solid waste disposal but also reduces the dependence on limited natural resources.

Honeycomb briquettes have a high calorific value, making them suitable for heating, cooking and power generation. And they have a low environmental impact as they emit fewer emissions and pollutants when burned.

Machines for honeycomb charcoal production

The preparation of high-quality honeycomb briquettes requires specialized machines, which we have become honeycomb coal briquette machine. It is capable of transforming raw materials into solid pieces of honeycomb charcoal through a process of high temperature and pressure.

Often, if you want to produce more quickly and automatically, we also have a honeycomb coal production line, which includes equipment such as lifting charcoal furnace, crusher, wheel mill, Raymond mill, honeycomb coal machine, drying room, and packaging machine.

Honeycomb coal manufacturing process

Prepare the raw materials

Prepare the raw materials you want to carry out honeycomb charcoal production well enough to start charcoal production.


Choose different charcoal furnaces for carbonization according to your raw materials. If it is sawdust, rice husk, etc., use the continuous carbonization furnace, if it is wood logs, bamboo, etc., use the vertical charcoal machine.

Charcoal crushing

Because the charcoal after carbonization is not the same size, and the raw material for honeycomb briquettes production is coal powder, so you need a charcoal crusher to crush the charcoal into uniform charcoal powder.

Grinding and mixing

A certain binder is required for honeycomb charcoal production. This step is the charcoal powder and binder for full mixing and grinding, so that the raw material is more suitable.


The above steps have prepared the raw materials sufficiently, the next step is to use the honeycomb charcoal machine for honeycomb coal production, according to your needs.


The charcoal just produced has some moisture, so it needs a drying machine for drying.


After drying, the honeycomb charcoal can be packaged using the packaging machine. At this point, the whole process is completed.

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honeycomb briquette machine price
honeycomb briquette machine price

If you are interested in honeycomb charcoal production equipment, please feel free to contact us for more information and price inquiries. Our professional team will provide customized advice to ensure you get the most suitable equipment for your needs.