The rotary dryer machine, or drum dryer is drying equipment to dry various materials such as sawdust, and rice husks, controlling the water content ranging from 10%-12%.

If you want to use this kind of sawdust drying machine, the feeding material size should be ≤5mm.

Always, it works in the charcoal production line to produce high-quality coal briquettes.

Features of rotary drum dryer machine

  • Efficient drying: Rotary dryer machine can efficiently dry the materials quickly and improve production efficiency.
  • Widely applicable: It is suitable for all kinds of materials, including small granular, lump, powder and other different types of materials.
  • Reliable and stable: The equipment has a stable structure, reliable operation, reduces downtime and improves production efficiency.
  • Uniform drying: Materials in the rotating drum roll evenly to ensure that they are heated evenly in the drying process.
  • Flexible layout: Flexible layout and installation can be carried out according to the site conditions, saving space.
  • After-sales support: We provide perfect after-sales service, including repair, maintenance, etc., to ensure the long-term stable operation of the equipment.
sawdust dryer machine for sale
sawdust dryer machine for sale

Technical data of rotary drum dryer machine for sale

Model: SL-800, SL-1000, SL-1200, SL-1500

Capacity: 500kg/h, 1000kg/h, 2000kg/h, 3000kg/h

Power: 2.2+7.5kw, 3+15kw, 3+18.5kw, 5.5+22kw

Feeding diameter: ≤5mm

Applicable materials: sawdust, rice husks, sand, coal, and other small fine materials

rotary sawdust dryer
rotary sawdust dryer

What materials can be dried by a rotary drum dryer?

Drum dryer is suitable for drying many kinds of materials, such as sawdust, rice husks, coal powder, ore, gypsum, wood chips, wine dregs, grain, fruit peel, sand, organic chemicals and so on.

Whether it is wet ore or wet wood chips, the rotary dryer machine can efficiently complete the drying task and dry the materials to the specified humidity.

Applications for rotary dryer machine

It is mainly used to dry wet materials, to reduce the humidity of the materials and improve production efficiency.

This equipment is widely used in various industrial fields, such as mining, metallurgy, construction, chemical industry, etc., and can dry a variety of materials.

Working process of the rotary drum dryer machine

The working principle of the drum dryer is relatively simple and efficient.

Step 1: Material feeding

The material enters the drum through the feeding device, usually with the help of a screw conveyor.

Step 2: Heat exchange

The material exchanges heat with the fuel inside the rotating cylinder, generating high-temperature hot air.

Step 3: Material Rolling

Material rolls and turns in the rotating cylinder, and is gradually dried by gravity and hot air.

Step 4: Moisture Discharge

During the drying process, the moisture is discharged through the exhaust port, thus realizing the rapid drying of the material.

Rotary drum dryer machine design

rotary dryer machine structure
rotary dryer machine structure

As shown above, the sawdust drying machine has components of inlet, drum dryer, outlet, dust collector, etc.

Due to the unique features of the rotary dryer machine, the machine has different lengths. If interested, welcome to contact us for more details!

Drying fuel for rice husk dryer machine

The equipment usually uses fuel as the energy source, and commonly used fuels include coal, natural gas, diesel, etc.

You can also build your own brick kiln and burn wood, which is more economical.

rice husk drying machine in the working scene
rice husk drying machine in the working scene

The fuel is burned in the rotary drum dryer machine to produce high-temperature heat energy, which is conducted to the material using hot air to realize the drying of the material.

Brick kiln design to offer heat resource

Why use the rotary dryer machine in the charcoal production line?

The rotary dryer machine plays an important role in various production lines. In charcoal production lines, it is often used for the front end of the line.

Whether the charcoal is carbonized using a charcoal furnace or directly made into sawdust briquettes, the raw material requirement is 10%-12% moisture.

Therefore, this dryer can effectively help you process raw materials on a large scale

Rotary drum sawdust drying machine package and delivery

If you want to make high-quality sawdust briquette or charcoal, this machine is the ideal choice for you. Contact us for more machine details!