The charcoal briquettes packing machine, actually a heat shrink film packaging machine, is powerful equipment for packaging finished products of biomass sawdust briquettes making machine, charcoal rods, honeycomb coal and other products.

This charcoal bagging machine is very efficient and provides a reliable solution for charcoal producers to ensure that the products are kept in good condition during the sales and distribution process, to enhance the image of the products and to increase the competitiveness in the market.

Why use the charcoal briquettes packing machine?

The purpose of its packaging is mainly to facilitate retailing in small stores and make the products easy to carry and transport. Meanwhile, through the application of heat shrink film, it can also effectively protect the products from moisture, water and prevent them from being bumped and damaged during transportation.

Applications of charocal briquettes packaging machine

The charcoal packaging machine can package all kinds of charcoal machine’s finished products, carbon sticks, wood sticks, honeycomb coal, etc. It is widely used in charcoal industry, and inbound applications in charcoal production lines. The finished products are shown above.

How to pack briquettes with this charcoal bagging machine?

When packaging charcoal in a heat shrink film wrapping machine, the charcoal is first placed into the infeed area of the wrapping machine. The charcoal briquettes packing machine will automatically weigh and fill the bag, which is then sealed and wrapped with heat shrink film. This ensures that the charcoal is packed tightly, moisture-proof, water-proof and bump-proof, making it easy to carry and transport.

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Charcoal packing machine for briquettes showcase

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