Great news for Shuliy! Our client from Thailand ordered a BBQ coal ball press machine for round barbecue charcoal production! The barbecue industry in Thailand is booming and has become an integral part of the country’s food and beverage sector. Therefore, this customer wanted to produce barbecue charcoal for selling and making income. So, a ball press machine is required.

BBQ coal ball press machine
BBQ coal ball press machine

Requirements of the client from Thailand

This Thai customer asked us how to make round barbecue charcoal that meets his requirements, and he explicitly asked us to make barbecue charcoal with a diameter of 5cm and a height of 3cm.

Our solution: BBQ coal ball press machine

We understand the customer’s requirements in detail, as well as the size and shape of the charcoal that the customer wants to produce. We designed a solution according to his needs.

We introduced our BBQ coal ball press machine to the customer, which is specialized in making BBQ charcoal, and can make round charcoal balls with a diameter of 5cm and a height of 3cm according to the customer’s requirements.

Moreover, we provided sample pictures of the charcoal balls made by the machine to make sure that the customer understood that our machine could realize their needs. Besides, we also introduce how to operate the machine. After reading, the customer is very satisfied and places the order.

Reference to the coal ball press machine parameters

Charcoal ball press machine
Charcoal ball press machine
Model: SL-290
Capacity:1-2 tons per hour
Power: 5.5kw
Weight: 720kg
Size: 1240*1070*1440mm
1 pc
ball press machine for Thailand