Recently, our Ghanaian customers showed great interest in our charcoal briquette press and planned to utilize wood charcoal for BBQ charcoal production. For this reason, they purposely came to our factory for a site visit to personally understand our factory strength and equipment performance.

charcoal briquette press
charcoal briquette press

Customer background

The Ghanaian customer has abundant biochar resources and plans to improve production efficiency and product quality by purchasing a BBQ charcoal making machine to meet the market demand. To ensure the reliable quality of the selected equipment, the customer decided to visit our factory in person.

Customer’s factory visit

After the customers arrived at our factory, we first took them to visit the whole production workshop. The factory is neat and orderly, and all kinds of equipment are running normally, which demonstrates our strong production capacity and strict quality control process. Customers are satisfied with our production environment and equipment maintenance.

Attractions of our charcoal briquette press for Ghanaian clients

Our charcoal ball press adopts advanced technology and is characterized by high efficiency, low energy consumption and easy operation. It is especially suitable for pressing wood charcoal and can produce high-density and high-quality charcoal balls to meet customers’ needs.

  • Good performance and suitable capacity: We introduce the working principle and capacity data of the coal ball press in detail, and through on-site demonstration, customers can visualize the actual effect of the equipment.
  • High-quality and durability: We show customers the core components of the equipment and introduce our quality control measures to ensure that each charcoal briquette press is strictly tested before leaving the factory.
  • After-sales service and technical support: We promise to provide comprehensive after-sales service, including installation and debugging of the equipment, operation training and regular maintenance, to ensure that customers can use the equipment smoothly.
BBQ charcoal making machine
BBQ charcoal making machine

Customer reviews and decisions

Ghanaian customers highly recognized our factory strength and the performance of our ball press after the visit. They are very satisfied with our professional explanation and on-site demonstration, and think our ball press machine fully meets their needs and decided to buy this equipment.

Package and shipment of charcoal briquette press

We pack the machines using wooden crates and work with material companies to get them safely to their destination by sea.

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