Wood hammer mill is a powerful and versatile machine for grinding wood materials into small particles. It is equipped with hammers to hammer and pulverize wood to produce fine sawdust or wood chips.

This hammer mill machine is widely used in wood processing industries such as wood pellet production and biomass briquetting. Its high efficiency and compact design make it an important tool for converting wood waste into a valuable resource. The wood hammer mill is a cost-effective wood processing solution with significant advantages in recycling and reusing wood materials.

Raw materials of wood hammer mill machine

The raw materials for hammermill shredder are very diverse, including various wood products, wood shavings after coarse crushing, coconut shells, wood processing trimmings and other wood wastes with high production capacity. Due to its high efficiency and adaptability, the wood hammer mill crusher is able to handle a large number of different types of wood wastes and process them into fine wood chips or pellets, making an important contribution to the reuse and recycling of resources.

Structure of wood hammer mill machine

The internal structure of a wood hammer mill consists of several basic parts.

S/NMain machine part nameFunction
1HammersHammers are the main working parts of the hammer mill. They are attached to the rotor and driven by the motor. The hammers oscillate and impact the wooden material, breaking it into small pieces.
2RotorThe rotor is a cylindrical part that holds and rotates the hammers. It plays a vital role in the grinding process and ensures that the hammers operate efficiently.
3ScreenThe screen is a perforated metal plate or mesh located at the bottom of the grinding chamber. It controls the size of the final wood particles. Smaller particles pass through the screen while larger particles continue to be processed.
the main part of the hammer mill

Advantages of wood hammer mill for sale

  1. Multifunctionality: The biomass hammer mill can process a wide range of raw materials, including wood chips, sawdust, straw and agricultural waste.
  2. Efficient: With its powerful motor and sharp hammers, the hammer mill can quickly and efficiently grind wood materials into fine particles.
  3. Compact design: Its compact and space-saving design makes it suitable for both small and large operations.
  4. Durable construction: The hammer mill grinder is made of sturdy materials that can withstand heavy-duty use, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  5. Cost-effective solution: Investing in a wood hammer mill for sale provides a cost-effective way to process wood materials, creating valuable resources and reducing waste.

How to choose a suitable wood hammer mill crusher?

To choose the right wood hammer crusher, consider the following factors:

hammer mill machine
hammer mill machine
  • Capacity: Make sure the machine can handle the output you need.
  • Raw material: Check if it can handle the type of wood waste you have.
  • Particle size: Verify that the crusher is capable of achieving the desired particle size of wood.
  • Power and efficiency: Choose a model with the right power and high crushing efficiency.
  • Cost: Compare prices and choose a cost-effective option within your budget.
  • Brand reputation: Choose a reputable brand with good customer reviews.
  • After-sales service: Check if the supplier offers good customer support.

How to use the biomass hammer mill?

Follow the below steps to safely use the wood hammer mill:

Ensure safety

Wear appropriate protective equipment and keep a safe distance from bystanders.

Turn on the machine

Connect the machine to a power source and turn it on.


Put the biomass raw material into the feed hopper evenly.

Adjust parameters

Set the desired crushing parameters such as speed, size, etc.

Monitor the operation

Keep a close eye on the process to ensure smooth operation.


Turn off the machine when the crushing process is complete.

And, when using a wood hammer mill, be sure to perform regular cleaning and maintenance to keep your equipment in good condition and at peak performance. Ensure safe operation by following the proper usage guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Also, keep operation and maintenance records for future reference and tracking of machine performance.

Hammer mill crusher display

We have multi-medium types of hammer mills on display, both small and medium-sized, as shown below.

Role in the charcoal or wood processing production line

complete wood hammer mill
complete wood hammer mill

It is usually used in conjunction with the wood drum chipper, comprehensive crusher and other equipment. The wood hammer mill is responsible for processing coarsely treated raw materials into fine particles, improving productivity and product quality. Its flexibility and customizability make it an indispensable part of the production line, providing an effective solution for wood processing and charcoal production.

Technical data of hammer mill for biomass

hammer mill specifications