We’re excited to share that one distributor from Saudi Arabia buys 25 sets of feed pellet mills for his company for sale. Our animal feed pellet mill has excellent quality, stable performance, and thoughtful service. Generally, our customers hope to continue to cooperate with us for common development after one cooperation.

Background of the Saudia Arabian client

Saudi Arabia is an Arab country located in West Asia with rich oil resources. In recent years, the Saudi government has made great efforts to develop the livestock industry to meet the growing domestic demand for meat.

Thus, animal breeding is rapidly increasing. Accordingly, the demand for the feed pellet machine is also growing. This client seizes this opportunity to vigorously develop their own business.

Featured points of feed pellet mills for Saudi Arabia

Our company is a professional manufacturer of flat die pellet machine. Our feed pellet mill machines are popular with domestic and foreign customers because of their high output, high efficiency and low cost.

poultry feed pellet mill for sale
poultry feed pellet mill for sale
  • Wide range of applications: process all kinds of feed raw materials, such as corn, soybean meal, wood chips, rice husk and so on.
  • High output: produce 80-300kg pellet feed per hour.
  • Simple operation and easy maintenance.
  • Customization service.

Feed pellet mills order list

Feed pellet millModel: SL-125
Power:4 kw
Capacity: 80kg per hour
Package weight: 44+31 kg
Package size: 850*350*520mm
15 sets
Feed pellet millModel: SL-210
Power:7.5 kw
Capacity: 300kg per hour
Package weight: 100+65 kg
Package size: 990*430*770mm
10 sets
machine list for Saudi Arabia