The horizontal carbonization furnace, also known as wood charcoal making machine, efficiently converts biomass raw materials such as wood chips, sawdust and agricultural residues into high-quality charcoal through the carbonization process.

This unique horizontal design of the charcoal making machine allows for better heat distribution and consistent carbonization results. With an advanced control system, it ensures precise temperature and airflow management. It is an essential piece of equipment in the charcoal production process.

Materials to be carbonized by horizontal carbonization stove

Fruit shells: Coconut shells, fruit kernels and other fruit shell materials can be carbonized to produce fruit shell charcoal, which is used for farmland improvement and horticultural cultivation.

Bamboo: Various bamboo products and bamboo itself are also common carbonized materials for making bamboo charcoal.

Plant residues: Various types of plant wastes and plant residues, such as leaves and flower petals, can also be carbonized for the production of environmentally friendly charcoal.

peanut shell
peanut shell

Peanut shells: Peanut shells are a common carbonization material that can be used to produce peanut shell charcoal.

Components of the horizontal carbonization furnace

Mezzanine structure

horizontal carbonization furnace interlayer
horizontal carbonization furnace interlayer

Shuliy horizontal carbonization furnace adopts a sandwich structure, with a certain interval set between the outside and inside of the furnace body to form a sandwich space. The interlayer space can be filled with heat-preservation materials, such as heat-preservation cotton, to keep the temperature inside the furnace uniform and stable.

Furnace body

wood charcoal machine for sale
wood charcoal machine for sale

The furnace body is the main part of the horizontal carbonization furnace, usually made of high-temperature-resistant steel, with a certain degree of sealing and corrosion resistance.

Heating system

heating system of horizontal carbonizer furnace
heating system of horizontal carbonizer furnace

The heating system of a horizontal carbonization furnace can be used in different ways, including an external burner or internal heating device, etc. The heating system is used to provide a high temperature inside the furnace. The heating system is used to provide a high-temperature environment inside the furnace to promote the carbonization process of raw materials.

Handling unit

inner of horizontal carbonization furnace
inner of horizontal carbonization furnace

Inside the furnace is a handling unit for placing the raw material and processing the finished product. The handling unit is usually a flat area for placing the wooden raw materials and removing the finished charcoal after carbonization.

Exhaust system

exhaust system of horizontal carbobization furnace
exhaust system of horizontal carbobization furnace

Horizontal charcoal furnace is also equipped with an exhaust system for exhausting the waste gas and soot generated to ensure the air circulation inside the furnace and the smooth progress of the charring process.

Matched cage for horizontal carbonization furnace

cage overview
cage overview

The matched cage for the horizontal carbonization furnace is designed to facilitate the loading and retrieval of raw materials and finished charcoal products.

This cage serves as a convenient and safe way to handle biomass materials during the carbonization process. It ensures easy loading of materials into the furnace and allows for efficient removal of the charcoal once the carbonization is complete. This design enhances the overall efficiency and user-friendliness of the carbonization process, making it a vital component of the furnace setup.

Features of Shuliy carbonizing furnace

  1. High output: Horizontal carbonization furnace has a large output, usually up to 1-3 tons per day, which meets the demand of large-scale production and improves production efficiency.
  2. Uniform carbonization: The carbonization furnace is equipped with a sandwich and heat preservation cotton to keep the temperature in the furnace uniform and stable, so that the raw materials are fully heated during the carbonization process, which ensures the uniformity and high efficiency of carbonization.
  3. Applicable to many kinds of raw materials: Shuliy horizontal carbonization furnace can carbonize many different types of materials, including wood, crop stalks, fruit shells, bamboo, etc., which improves its versatility and flexibility.
  4. Environmental protection and energy saving: The carbonizer machine adopts heating methods such as external burner or internal heating device, it consumes less energy, reduces energy waste and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

Horizontal carbonizer furnace in the wood charcoal machine line

The horizontal carbonization furnace is a commonly used component in the wood charcoal production line. It plays a crucial role in the process of converting raw wood materials into high-quality charcoal.

In the mechanical charcoal making machine line, this carbonizing furnace is used after the biomass briquette machine.

In the coal production line, this horizontal carbonization furnace is to carbon raw materials into various charcoal, such as rice husk charcoal, coconut charcoal, wood charcoal, bamboo charcoal, etc.

Package and delivery of charcoal carbonization furnace

This horizontal charcoal carbonizer is shipped directly for shipment to the port of delivery because of its large size. If required, it will also be packed in plastic film to ensure safe transportation.

Technical parameters of horizontal carbonization furnace

The three common models of the horizontal carbonization furnace are as follows:

SL-1300: The capacity is 900-1200kg per furnace and the carbonizing time is about 12-14 hours. The weight of the whole machine is 2500kg and the size is 3*1.7*2.2 meters. It is suitable for small and medium-scale charcoal production with high charring efficiency and stable performance.

SL-1500: This charring capacity is 1500-2000kg per furnace and the charring time is about 12-14 hours. The whole machine weight is 4000kg and the size is 4.5*1.9*2.3 meters. It is suitable for medium-scale charcoal production with high carbonization efficiency and can meet certain production demands.

SL-1900: The capacity is 2500-3000kg per furnace and the charring time is about 12-14 hours. The weight of the whole machine is 5500kg and the size is 5*2.3*2.5 meters. It is suitable for large-scale charcoal production, with high production efficiency, and can meet the demand of large amounts of charcoal production.