The drum wood chipper machine is a powerful and efficient machine designed to chip large logs, branches and lumber into smaller wood chips, holding wood with a capacity of 5-15t/h.

Its rotating drum is equipped with sharp blades to ensure a smooth and precise chipping process that produces uniform wood chips suitable for a variety of applications.

Our wood chipping machine is widely used in the wood processing industry, biomass energy production and more.

Its robust construction, high capacity and user-friendly design make it a great tool for converting wood waste into a valuable resource.

Materials to be chipped

The machine is suitable for chipping various types of wood materials, including branches, logs, bamboo, and more. It effectively transforms these materials into suitable raw materials for producing wood chips.

Features of drum wood chipper machine for sale

  • Newly designed blade rotor: Drum wood chipper machine features an innovatively designed blade rotor that makes the blade replacement process easy. This feature ensures minimal downtime during maintenance and improves overall operational efficiency.
  • Hydraulic cover: The cover of the crushing chamber is hydraulically operated, allowing easy access during maintenance and blade replacement. This design feature simplifies maintenance tasks and facilitates quick blade changes.
  • Customizable screen: This wood chipping machine is equipped with a customizable screen to meet the different size requirements of the final product. This adaptability ensures that the chips produced meet the required specifications. In addition, a hydraulic cushioning system ensures smooth operation.
  • Reverse feed mechanism: Provide protection for the machine when large or challenging pieces of wood are encountered. This mechanism prevents potential damage and ensures the longevity of the chipper.
  • Larger capacity: Its larger feed size accommodates logs with diameters ranging from 230 to 500 mm, increasing throughput and efficiency in wood processing.

Components of the drum wood chipper machine

The drum wood chipper machine consists of a cutting drum with blades, a screen and a force feed unit equipped with four pressure rollers.

These components work in tandem to efficiently process woody material and convert it into consistent chips.

  • The cutting drum with blades ensures precise and efficient chip cutting, while the screen helps to separate the desired chip size.
  • The forced feed unit with four pressure rollers ensures a stable and controlled feeding process for optimum performance.

Working process of industrial wood chipper

The working principle of an industrial wood chipper involves a continuous process that efficiently converts large woody material into smaller, uniform pieces.

Feed raw materials to wood chipper machine

As the log material is fed into the drum wood chipper machine, a cutting drum equipped with sharp blades rotates rapidly. The blades slice through the wood, producing a combination of cutting and crushing action.
At the same time, a forced feed device (usually featuring a pressure roller) ensures that the wood material is fed into the cutting area in a continuous and controlled manner.

Cut wood into small chips

As the wood enters the cutting area, the sharp blades on the rotating drum effectively slice the wood into small pieces.
A screening mechanism within the chipper separates the chopped material, allowing pieces of the desired size to pass through, while retaining larger pieces for further processing.

Do you know the industrial wood chipper prices?

The drum wood chipper machine price varies based on the configuration, capacity, brand, etc. Generally, the wood chipper price ranges from $6000 to $20000.

If you buy a high-configuration industrial wood chipping machine, we can also send free spare parts. If you’re interested, welcome to contac me now for more details!

Drum wood chipper machine in the charcoal production line

In charcoal making production line, drum wood chipper machine plays a vital role in the initial processing step. The basic processing sequence is as follows: drum chipper – hammer mill – dryer – charcoal furnace – coal making machine – packing machine.

Successful cases of large drum wood chipper machine

Our large drum wood chipper machine has achieved success in various international markets, including countries like the United States, Canada, Australia, and European nations.

Its exceptional performance, reliable design, and efficient wood chipping capabilities have made it a trusted choice for wood processing industries worldwide.

Technical specifications of drum-type wood chipper machine

  • Model SL-218 machine has 2 blades, the size of the feed opening is 300*680 mm, and the production capacity is 10-15 t/h. Its raw material size is not more than 300 mm, and the size of wood chips can be adjusted to 25 mm. The main power is 110 kW, the weight is 8600 kg, the loading inlet conveyor is 6 m long and the discharge conveyor is 8 m long. The equipment size is 3105*2300*1650mm.
  • Model SL-216 is also equipped with 2 blades, the size of the feed opening is 230500 mm, and the production capacity is 5-8 t/h. Its raw material size does not exceed 230 mm, and the size of wood chips can be adjusted to 25 mm as well. The main power is 55 kW, the weight is 5600 kg, the loading inlet conveyor is 6 m long and the discharge conveyor is 8 m long. The dimension is 2735*2200*1200 mm.