Recently, our German customer purchased from us a biomass briquette extruder machine with a capacity of 250-300 kg/h for biomass recycling. Our sawdust briquette maker can quickly and profitably form wood chip waste into bars at high temperatures and pressures for further processing. This is exactly what impressed our German customer. Let’s take a look at this case study below.

biomass briquette extruder machine
biomass briquette extruder machine

Why buy the biomass briquette extruder machine for Germany?

As a professional engaged in wood processing, he is well aware of the potential value of waste wood chips and other resources. The customer saw our biomass briquette extruder machine and quickly recognized its potential. He realized that he could contribute to the environment and create new value by converting biomass waste, such as wood chips, into high-quality biomass fuel rods.

With his extensive experience in wood-based work, he knew exactly how to make the most of this machine to produce quality fuel rods that meet the market demand. So, he decided to buy a briquette press machine.

Customized solution for German customer

We provided the German customer with expert advice and customized solutions to help him choose the right model of biomass briquette extruder machine for his needs. Not only is our machine highly efficient and stable, it’s also able to fully utilize resources such as waste wood chips and turn them into useful energy products.

Besides, according to his requirement, our briquette making machine uses an 18.5 kw motor with 380v, 50hz, 3phase voltage and is enclosed with the CE certificate when delivery.

Reference to the machine parameters for Germany

sawdust briquette machineModel: SL-50
Dimension:1.56*0.65*1.62 m
Weight:700 kg
1 pc
sawdust briquette press parameters

Notes: The shelf life of our machine is 12 months. And before transportation, the machine is packed in wooden crates to ensure the good condition of the machine during shipment.