The Ghanaian client is a company specializing in agriculture and biomass energy production and is committed to sustainable energy production from crop residual materials. His requirements are stated below:

  • Raw materials: A large amount of rice husks
  • Fuel conversion: The client wants to be able to convert these rice husks into valuable fuel to meet local energy needs.
  • Creation of economic value: By converting the rice husks, the customer hopes to create economic value and bring more revenue and profit to the company.

Choosing Shuliy’s continuous charcoal furnace

After market research and comparison, the customer decided to choose our continuous charcoal making furnace because of its excellent performance and reliability in rice husk charcoal production, which can meet the customer’s needs for large-scale production.

  • High efficiency and stability: Our continuous carbonization machine adopts advanced technology and design, which can carry out the carbonization process continuously and stably and improve production efficiency.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: The equipment can maximize the use of heat energy and reduce energy waste during operation, which meets the customer’s requirements for environmental protection and sustainable development.
  • Simple operation: Continuous charring furnace adopts an intelligent control system, which is simple and convenient to operate, with no need for a complicated operation process, and reduces the labor cost.

Actual effect of this charcoal making furnace

By using Shuliy’s continuous charcoal furnace, the customer successfully transformed the waste rice husk into high-quality rice husk charcoal, which not only solved the problem of waste disposal, but also provided renewable energy resources for the local area, promoting economic development and social progress.

Customer feedback

The customer expressed that he is very satisfied with Shuliy continuous charcoal making furnace, and plans to further expand the scale of production, and consider using the equipment in other biomass energy production projects, and establish a long-term cooperation relationship with Shuliy.