Good news from the UK! Our client ordered an SL-1200 carbonisation furnace to turn the waste wood into valuable charcoal to make profits. This customer has a UK based wood processing plant that produces wooden furniture. As the production process generates a large number of wood chips and wood residue, the customer wants to be able to utilize this waste material to produce charcoal using a charcoal furnace.

The UK client’s concerns about the carbonisation furnace

The customer is mainly concerned about the following two issues when purchasing the continuous charcoal furnace:

  1. Heat source problem: There is no gas pipeline in his plant, so he needs to consider the heat source problem.
  2. Installation problem: It was his first time buying the continuous carbonization furnace, so he didn’t know much about the installation process.

Solution to his concerns

  • In response to his heat source problem, we recommended a continuous charring furnace that uses waste wood or burner as fuel for heating. It is very convenient and simple, and the gas produced during the production of charcoal can be recycled to generate heat.
  • For installation problems, we can provide detailed installation instructions and arrange for our technician to guide the installation on site.

We won this customer’s trust by solving his heat source and installation problems, and finally signed the contract successfully.

Unique features of Shuliy carbonisation furnace

  • Adopting waste wood to heat, very easy and convenient.
  • Along with the installation manual, and even send the technician to help with installation on site.
  • High degree of automation, simple operation, saving manpower.
  • High output, high efficiency, save time.
  • Environmental protection and energy saving, no pollution.

Machine list for the UK

Continuous carbonization furnace
Continuous carbonization furnace
Model: SL-1200
Capacity:1000kg per hour
Input size: less than 10cm
Carbonization ratio for wood:3-4:1(3-4 t wood:1t charcoal)
Carbonization Temperature:600-800°
The machine contains 6 motors, 2 feeding, 1 discharging, a main motor, and a fan
1 set
machine list for the UK

Notes to this carbonisation furnace:

  1. Fuel: 15-20kg of LPG per day(first 1-1.5h burning by LPG, then no need for LPG burning). The gas produced during carbonization is recyclable.
  2. Space: Length: 22 meters; Width: less than 10 meters; Height: more than 5 meters.
  3. Worker: two workers. One is responsible for feeding, the other is responsible for discharging.