We successfully exported a set of charcoal production line equipment to a customer in Indonesia to help this customer start his own charcoal business. When the machine arrived in Indonesia, this customer wanted to produce charcoal briquettes and BBQ charcoal but needed help with installation, so we arranged for our engineers to come to Indonesia to help his team with the installation. See details below.

Send our engineer to Indonesia

In order to ensure the smooth use of our charcoal production line by our customer, we responded positively to his needs and decided to send our experienced engineer to Indonesia. After purchasing our production line, this honorable customer expressed the need for our technical support, especially in installing the charcoal processing plant.

Our professional engineer personally came to Indonesia to provide full installation service and training to the customer. He will assist our client’s team to complete the assembly, debugging and operation of the production line to ensure the normal operation of the equipment, and provide detailed instructions on operation and maintenance.

What kind of charcoal production line is installed?

According to the customer’s demand, we have installed a whole set of charcoal production line covering the production of charcoal briquette and BBQ charcoal. The uniqueness of this production line is that we have equipped it with two different models of charcoal machines(charcoal briquette machine and BBQ charcoal making machine) at the same time to meet his needs for producing different charcoal products.

This integrated production line not only increases production flexibility, but also enables efficient energy utilization. Customers can flexibly choose different models of charcoal machines according to market demand and product positioning, so that the charcoal processing line can better adapt to different production needs and improve the overall production efficiency.

Service we offer for Indonesia

  • Full guidance: We provide professional guidance from the selection of the charcoal production line to the installation and commissioning to ensure that this customer can quickly start production.
  • Training support: We provide him with operation and maintenance training to enable his teams to operate and manage his charcoal production lines.
  • Customized solutions: We provided customized solutions for our client’s specific needs to ensure that his production line would be used to maximum effect.
  • On-site Installation: Once our machines arrive in Indonesia, we will line up our professional engineers to arrive at the destination to personally install them, if needed, to ensure the normal and smooth operation of the machines.

Video of charcoal production line running in Indonesia

Are you interested in charcoal production?

If your answer is yes then contact us! We not only provide pre-sales and on-sales service, but also professional after-sales service. If you need us to help with installation, we will also arrange that to make sure you can use the machine in a smooth and friendly way.