In 2023, our client from Zimbabwe bought one continuous charcoal furnace for turning waste into treasure. With the increasing global demand for environmentally friendly energy, this Zimbabwean customer decided to enter the renewable energy production sector and was looking for a sustainable way to process agricultural by-products, especially rice husks. He decided to purchase a continuous charring furnace to produce high-quality rice husk charcoal.

Why buy continuous charcoal furnace for Zimbabwe?

Zimbabwe is a country rich in natural resources, including a large amount of agricultural by-products. By utilizing these resources, particularly agricultural waste, Zimbabwe can achieve renewable energy production, reduce energy dependency and ease environmental pressures.

continuous charcoal furnace
continuous charcoal furnace

The Zimbabwean customer chose the continuous charcoal furnace because of the obvious advantages this equipment has in processing agricultural waste such as rice husk.

  1. The continuous carbonization furnace works very efficiently and is able to carry out the charring process on a continuous basis, thus increasing output and productivity.
  2. This charcoal furnace adopts advanced environmental protection technology, which reduces the adverse impact on the environment and meets the Zimbabwean government’s requirements for environmental protection.

Reasons for choosing Shuliy continuous charcoal furnace

The Zimbabwean client chose our continuous carbonizing furnace because of our expertise in this field and superior product quality. Our equipment has been carefully designed to ensure that it delivers optimum performance when processing a wide range of agricultural wastes.

In addition, our after-sales service team is always on hand to support our customers to ensure that you are able to take full advantage of the charcoal furnaces, while also ensuring the long-term reliability of the equipment.

Ask about the charcoal furnace price!

If you are looking for a charcoal machine for the production of all kinds of waste materials, and want to turn waste into treasure, quickly contact us, and we will provide the best solution according to your needs.