An energy company in Uzbekistan is facing strong demand for domestic and commercial charcoal in the local market, but the existing production efficiency is low and the product quality is unstable. Therefore, they urgently need to introduce efficient and stable honeycomb briquette press to expand production capacity and improve product quality.

Solutions provided

In response to the customer’s needs, we provided two sets of customized solutions for Shuliy’s honeycomb coal machine:

  • Efficient coal production: Our honeycomb coal briquette machine adopts advanced pressing technology, which can quickly convert various biomass raw materials into high-quality honeycomb coal briquettes and significantly improve production efficiency.
  • Stable operation: The equipment structure is robust and well-designed, which ensures stability and reliability under long-time continuous work.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: While ensuring the output, it meets the environmental protection standard by optimizing the combustion process and reducing energy consumption.

Contract and payment method

Both parties sign a detailed purchase contract, specifying the terms of equipment specifications, quantity, delivery date and technical support.

Payment is made in installments, including prepayment(usually 30% or 40%, which is agreed by both parties), shipment and final payment, which effectively alleviates the financial pressure of the customer and strengthens the basis of trust between the two parties.

Transportation services about our honeycomb briquette press

We can arrange a professional logistics team to be responsible for the packing, shipping and customs clearance of the coal briquette machine to ensure that the equipment arrives in Uzbekistan safely and on time.

honeycomb briquette press for sale
honeycomb briquette press for sale

At the same time, we also provide installation guidance and technical training to ensure that you can quickly put it into charcoal production.