Making sawdust bricks is an efficient way to utilize wood waste, helping to reduce environmental pollution and providing renewable energy. Through the use of a sawdust briquette making machine, sawdust or wood chips can be pressed into strong bricks for heating and other industrial applications. Its manufacturing process is as below:

sawdust bricks
sawdust bricks

1. Preparation of raw materials

Firstly, dry sawdust or wood chips need to be prepared as raw material. These wood chips can be waste from carpentry shops or wood processing plants.

2. Crush wood waste

Put the raw wood chips into the wood pulverizer to pulverize them into fine particles for subsequent processing. The final product size should be 3-5mm.

3. Dry sawdust or wood chips

Because making sawdust bricks requires the moisture to be at ≤12%, so we have to use a drum dryer to control the moisture of the raw material at 12% or below.

4. Make sawdust bricks

Prepared raw materials are placed in a sawdust brick machine. The sawdust log maker will press the wood waste into bricks with certain shapes and sizes by high-temperature extrusion.

5. Packaging and storage

Once the production is complete, the biomass bars are brought to dry and are ready for packaging and storage. These blocks can be packaged into bags using a heat-shrink packaging machine for easy transportation and storage.

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