The end user from Bolivia operates a wood processing plant and mainly produces wood panels. Due to the large amount of wood chip waste generated during the production process, the customer wanted to utilize this waste for other projects.

He found our sawdust briquette press for sale, feeling that this sawdust briquette making machine could be a great helper in his projects. So he contacted us.

sawdust briquette press for sale
sawdust briquette press for sale

Purchase of equipment and customization requirements

The customer purchased our sawdust press machine for processing wood chips into biomass briquettes.

  • Due to the different voltages in the customer’s region, we customized the machine to suit the local voltage requirements.
  • Besides buying the machine, the customer also customized three sets of heating rings and two spirals.
  • In the process of negotiating the order, the customer is more concerned about the shipment period. To meet the customer’s needs, we promise to be able to ship the product within the specified time.
spare parts of sawdust briquette machine
spare parts of sawdust briquette machine

Customer’s key concern point

The customer was very concerned about the ship date, because he wanted to catch up with the specific ship date, and we tried to make sure that we could ship the sawdust briquette extruder machine within the time point.

In addition, the customer is also concerned about the voltage suitability of the sawdust briquette press for sale, durability and fragility of the accessories. Our manager explained one by one patiently.

Problems and solutions during the order process

During the order process, the customer’s Chinese friend failed to pay the final payment on time, which prevented the shipment from being made as planned.

By communicating with the customer, we sent the sawdust briquette press for sale to the customer’s warehouse first and waited for the customer to arrange the transportation to ensure the order was completed smoothly.

Parameters of sawdust briquette press for sale to Bolivia

Sawdust briquette machine
Sawdust briquette machine
Model: SL-SB50
Capacity:300kg per hour
1 pc
The screw can be adjusted to apply to
80%-90% of raw materials before
2 pcs
Heating ring
Heating ring
One machine6 pcs
machine list for Bolivia

Want to turn wood waste into biomass briquettes for profit? If interested, come and contact us for more machine details!