The briquette dryer machine, also known as mesh belt dryer, metal dryer, is used for BBQ charcoal briquettes drying.

This kind of charcoal briquette dryer machine is made of galvanized material and 304 stainless steel mesh surface, which has excellent corrosion resistance and high-temperature resistance.

It is efficient drying equipment, especially suitable for large-scale products to dry.

Advantages of charcoal briquettes dryer machine

  • Galvanized material and 304 stainless steel mesh surface: The briquette dryer machine is made of these materials, which ensures the stability and durability of the equipment.
  • The mesh belt structure is reasonably designed so that the pellet fuel can fully contact the hot air during the drying process, realizing efficient drying.
  • High drying efficiency, low energy consumption and easy operation. It provides a reliable guarantee for the combustion process of biomass pellets.
charcoal drying machine for sale
charcoal drying machine for sale

Why use this charcoal drying machine for BBQ charcoal?

Our barbecue charcoal briquette dryer machine is suitable for drying spherical barbecue charcoal, because the density of barbecue charcoal balls is high and not fragile.

We also have other dryer machines like box-type charcoal dryer for different charcoal drying.

Components of briquette dryer machine

BBQ charcoal briquette dryer machine
BBQ charcoal briquette dryer machine
S/NMachine partFunction
1Machine bodyDry materials
2Infeed conveyorSend materials to the machine body
3Outfeed conveyorSend the dried materials out
4Gas burnerIgnition
5Hot stoveHeat sources for charcoal drying machine
6Centrifugal-induced draft fanSend the generated heat to the inside of the dryer.
7Control cabinetControl each small motor to make the machine work more convenient and easy to operate.
machine components for mesh belt dryer machine

How about the briquette dryer machine price?

For the specific price of the mesh belt charcoal drying machine, it needs to be determined based on different models and specifications as well as the pricing policy of the supplier.

The price may be affected by a variety of factors, such as the material of the equipment, the production process, and the heating method.

Typically, high-quality mesh belt dryers are relatively more expensive, but they are also more reliable in terms of performance and durability.

BBQ charcoal briquettes dryer
BBQ charcoal briquettes dryer

If you are interested in the briquette dryer machine and want to know the detailed price information, you can contact us (e.g. Shuliy Machinery) to consult with them and request a quotation.

Packing & delivery of charcoal briquette dryer machine

In order to ensure the integrity and safe transportation of the equipment, the mesh belt dryer takes strict measures in the packing and transportation process.

The overall packaging of the equipment is firm and reliable to ensure that the equipment is not damaged during long-distance transportation.

shipping briquette dryer machine
shipping briquette dryer machine

Technical parameters of continuous dryer machine

SL-12-6(12m, 6layers) mesh belt briquette dryer machine parameters:

1Drying body12mX2mX2.8m1 set1. Made of heat-resistant high-temperature cotton
2. 50*100 galvanized square tubes for the frame
3. 80*40 galvanized flat tubes in the frame for support
2Feeding conveyor belt7mx2mX0.35m1 pc1. Frame is made of 50X100 galvanized pipe
2. Mesh belt is 304 stainless steel mesh
3Discharge conveyor belt4mX0.65mX0.95m1 pc1. The frame is made of 40X100 light channel steel
2. The conveyor belt is special belt for foodstuffs
4Drying mesh beltwidth 2m,*6 layers1 pchole 3mm,304 stainless steel material
5Ribbon type special hot air furnace6mX2.2mX2.6m1 pc1. The material is made of an 8mm thick steel plate.
2. Refractory brick inner liner
6Circulation-induced draft fanNo. 10 fan1 pchigh temperature resistant, high humidity fan, power 22kw
7Biomass pellet burner1.2mX0.650mX0.5m1 pcModel: R–QEF–1.4
Power: 380V
8Motor reducer0.9mX0.8mX0.5m1 pcAdujustable speed  5.5kw
9Control cabinetZD301 pcAdopting a meter to control temperature, automatic humidity control, automatic moisture removal
10Other materials / 1 batchExterior wall cladding, cladding groove, sealant
11A full set of color steel outer cover /1 setMatch for mesh belt dryer machine
SL-12-6 charcoal briquettes dryer machine parameters

Do you want more details about drying equipment for BBQ charcoal? If yes, contact us now and we’ll offer the best solution for you!