A customer from the UAE purchased a wood chips making machine from Shuliy with the ambition to start a new business before deciding to invest in the wood chip processing industry. Initially, he intended to start with a small-scale production, conduct market tests and gradually expand the business.

wood chips making machine
wood chips making machine

UAE customer’s initial investment in our wood chips making machine

This customer decided to start with a small production run and purchased a Shuliy wood chipper. This machine is very suitable for small-scale production, as it combines efficiency with ease of operation. This allowed him to carry out market tests and learn about the needs and opportunities of the local market without investing too much.

With the arrival of the wood chips making machine, the customer started conducting market tests. He found that the UAE market has a wide range of demand for woodchips, especially in the areas of animal bedding and horticulture. Our wood chipper demonstrated its high efficiency and stability, providing the customer with high-quality wood chips that met the market demand.

Expand his woodchip business

The success of the market testing phase boosted this confidence. He decided to expand his business and increase production capacity. In the process, he chose Shuliy’s wood chipper machine again because it had already proved its performance and reliability during the initial investment phase.

Reference to machine parameters for UAE

Disc wood chipperModel: SL-600
Capacity:1000-1500kg per hour
Suitable for the wood diameter less than 13cm
1 set
machine list for UAE

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