Congratulations! We helped our Saudi Arabian client to start a profitable new biochar production business. The customer profile is as follows:

  • Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Business: charcoal, new starter
  • Raw material: wood chips
  • Finished product: sawdust briquette charcoal
  • Requirements: mass production, cost-effective machine
  • Concerns: machine parameters (output and motor); machine installation and use
biochar making machine
biochar making machine

Our solution for Saudi Arabia

Because the customer needs biochar making machine plant, we provide the suitable solution to him for his charcoal business:

Depending on the output required by the customer, we provide suitable equipment configuration. Specifically:

  • His raw material is wood chips, and the finished product is biomass briquette charcoal, so the most suitable solution is to make rods first and then charcoal, according to this solution, we recommend the sawdust briquette making machine and vertical charcoal furnace for the customer.
  • Moreover, as a professional charcoal machine manufacturer, our biochar making machine is not only quality guaranteed but also competitively priced in the market.

For the machine parameters and the use of installation problems, we also carried out one by one to solve them.

  • Machine parameters: he is concerned about the output and motor size, we explain and suggest according to the actual situation, to avoid unnecessary cost increases.
  • Machine use and installation: we promise to provide detailed installation instructions & drawings, and can send engineers to assist in the installation.

Final order list to make biochar in Saudi Arabia

Through the above communication, and our timely response, etc., this customer is very satisfied with our service, so finally placed an order with us, the order about the biochar making machine plant is as follows:

Hammer mill machine
hammer pulverizer machine
Model: SL-600
Capacity:600kg per hour
Including air-lock
Dust removal
Dimension: 2.4*1.5*1.45m
1 pc
Sawdust briquette machine
sawdust briquettes machine
Model: SL-50
Power: 22kw
Capacity: 300kg per hour one set
3 pcs
Hoisting carbonization furnace
Hoisting carbonization furnace
Model: SL-1500
Capacity:700-800kg per time, 8-10hours per time
Per furnace including 2 inner furnaces,1 lift crane, 1 purification tank
Thickness: bottom 8mm, others 6mm
Per furnace needs 50-80kg of waste wood or coal as a heating source
3 sets
cage for vertical charcoal furnace
Made of 16mm rebar
One hoisting carbonization furnace
can load 3 baskets
9 pcs
machine list for Saudi Arabia

Notes to biochar making machine for Saudi Arabia:

  1. One 40ft container is used for loading and shipping goods;
  2. Machine production days: 15-20 days;
  3. Warranty: 2 years (Except for human error and damage, if there is any problem with the machine, you can contact us in time)
  4. After-sales service: provide engineers to help you install

Are you interested in biochar making? If yes, contact us now for more machine details!