In Guatemala, a local entrepreneur looking for an innovative way to repurpose surplus charcoal by purchasing our charcoal briquette maker.

Our client, a savvy individual with extensive experience in the charcoal industry, recognized the potential to re-imagine his business. Previously focused on the production of traditional wood log charcoal, he was now aiming to move into briquette production to breathe new life into his existing resources.

Solution to his requirement

With a clear goal in mind, we provide him with trustworthy solutions. After gaining an in-depth understanding of his requirements, we recommended two basic machines to fulfill their desires: a charcoal briquetting machine and a wheel grinder mixer. The charcoal briquette maker was the perfect solution to reuse the leftover charcoal by converting it into neatly shaped briquettes. The wheel mill, on the other hand, is used before the briquette machine to fully halve and mix the customer’s raw coal to make it better for briquettes.

Another challenge is to create unique charcoal shapes to meet different consumer preferences. Our charcoal briquette maker can meet this need by replacing the molds with different ones, solving this problem completely.

Reference to the machine list for Guatemala

Charcoal briquette machineModel: SL-140
Capacity:500kg per hour
Dimension: 2050*900*1250mm
With the cutter machine
1 set
MoldShape: hexagon
Shape: square(Size:2.5*2.5cm)
Shape: the same as the “charcoal briquettes mold”
4 pc
Wheel grinder machineModel: 1300
Inner diameter:1300mm
Capacity:500kg per hour
Weight: 570kg
1 pc
charcoal briquette maker paramters

Inquiry about the charcoal briquette maker!

If you also want to turn waste into treasure, welcome to contact us to inquire about the charcoal briquetting machine price! We’ll provide the best solution based on your needs!