A Ugandan client was faced with a large amount of wood chip waste and wanted to convert it into a profitable, high-quality fuel that could be sold to reuse the resource. Our sawdust press machine for sale is such a machine.

Advantages of our sawdust log press

  • High performance: Our sawdust log making machine stands out for its excellent processing capabilities. Their high performance means that large quantities of wood chips can be processed in a relatively short period, meeting customers’ demands for productivity.
  • Automatic operation: Customers also choose our sawdust press machine because of its automated operating system. This makes the entire production process easier and reduces the need for manual intervention, thus increasing efficiency.
  • Meeting performance requirements: Our machines not only excel in terms of productivity, but they also meet the stringent performance requirements of our customers. This includes requirements for the stability of the biomass press machine and quality of the sawdust logs, which our machines are perfectly suited to.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Shuliy sawdust press machine for sale offers a high level of performance while remaining relatively economical, providing customers with a guaranteed return on their investment.
sawdust log press in stock
sawdust log press in stock

Shuliy solution for Uganda

We provided our customer with a complete range of sawdust press machine for sale, from chip processing to finished bar making. This solution is not only efficient, but also easy to operate and enables the production of large quantities of fuel briquettes in the shortest possible time.

How to make profits in Uganda with our sawdust press machine for sale?

Production process: Using the sawdust log maker machine, wood chips are blended, pressed and transformed into strong fuel briquettes. This is then dried to ensure that the quality of the product meets the customer’s expectations.

Sales and benefits: The customer can use the resulting woodchip fuel to meet local market demand or export it to other regions. This business model of recycling wood chips not only solves environmental problems, but also creates considerable economic benefits.

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