Here we’re so excited to share that our client bought the wood briquette making machine for Turkey for profit. This sawdust briquette making machine can process a variety of wood chips, wood shavings, etc into briquettes for commercial uses. Thus, it’s ideal equipment for those who want to turn waste into treature.

Detailed process of buying wood briquette making machine

In Turkey, a toy company wanted to reprocess waste wood chips to create added value. On behalf of his company, he contacted us and purchased a wood chip briquette making machine for his company. The whole process went through the following stages:

wood briquette making machine for sale
wood briquette making machine for sale
  • Initial communication: This customer introduced his company, had a toy business, and wanted to reprocess with leftover wood chips and convert them into charcoal products for sale.
  • Picture and video presentation: We showed the customer pictures of the machine and working videos, and described the raw material requirements. We also offered a dryer, but the customer ultimately chose to purchase only the wood briquette making machine, with attention to the handling of the moisture content of the feedstock.
  • Answering questions: The customer asked a series of questions, which we answered one by one, and informed them that the machine had CE certificate and could be used directly, as well as our rich export experience.
  • Confirmation of port information: We helped the customer to check the port information, and the customer confirmed the port location to ensure smooth importation.
  • Follow-up and order: After a period of communication and confirmation, the customer finally placed an order.

Machine list for Turkey

Sawdust briquette making machineModel: SL-50
Capacity:250kg per hour one set
1 pc
wood briquette making machine parameters

Notes: This customer requires our biomass briquette machine to use 22kw; 380v, 50hz, 3phase voltage, and test the machine before shipment, and need the origin certificate and CE certificate. Also, the machine should be packaged in the wooden cases.

wood briquette making machine ready to ship
wood briquette making machine ready to ship