As environmental awareness continues to grow, innovative ways of transforming waste wood into efficient sawdust briquettes are gaining attention. Shuliy wood sawdust briquette machine is the driving force behind this green revolution, helping you transform sawdust waste into useful eco-bricks.

Step to make sawdust briquettes using wood waste

Collection of sawdust waste

Before you start working, you need to collect wood waste, the raw material you want to produce sawdust bricks from, to reuse the waste.

Pre-processing the raw material

Depending on the material to be used in the sawdust press machine, the sawdust will normally need to be dried and have a moisture content of less than 10 % or between 10% and 12%. In addition to this, if necessary, the raw material has to be crushed and reprocessed to ensure that it is suitable for the production process of biomass briquette making.

Pini kay briquettes making

This is the key to making biomass rods. After high temperatures, our wood briquette machine compresses the treated sawdust into high-density sawdust bricks without any additives.

Drying and packaging

The shaped sawdust briquettes undergo a short drying process. After that, they can be processed according to your needs, and if want to sell them, you can package them carefully to ensure the quality and appearance of the product.

Machine to make wood briquettes

wood briquette maker for sale
wood briquette maker for sale

The machine that allows the production of biomass rods is called a wood briquetting machine. Shuliy’s wood briquette maker is at the heart of this conversion process. Its efficient bar-making capacity, adjustable production capacity and adaptability to different raw materials make it easier for you to convert sawdust waste into biomass briquettes.

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