The answer is NO. With the popularization of environmental protection concepts and technological advances, sawdust briquettes have attracted much attention as a renewable fuel resource.

However, whether additives must be added during the production process has become a concern for many potential customers and investors. Combined with our advanced biomass briquette making machine technology, we will analyze this key issue for you.

Reasons for making sawdust briquettes without additives

Use our sawdust molding machine to make pini kay briquettes, with no need for additives. The reasons are as follows:

Natural bonding properties

High-quality biomass raw materials (e.g. wood chips, rice husks, corn cobs, etc.) contain a certain percentage of lignin, which is a natural resin that can be used as a natural binder during the high-temperature compression process without the need to add additional chemical synthetic materials.

Environmental and economic considerations

Not using additives can avoid potential environmental pollution problems and reduce production costs, which makes biomass rods more competitive in the market, and also meets the modern consumers’ pursuit of green and pollution-free products.

Making biomass briquettes process

  • Pulverization: The biomass material is pulverized to a size suitable for rod making.
  • Drying: Dry the crushed biomass material to the appropriate moisture content via sawdust dryer.
  • Forming: The desired shape of the biomass rods is formed by our efficient sawdust log making machine.

Getting a quote for additive-free biomass briquetting machine!

For customers interested in producing sawdust briquettes using an additive-free process, we offer a one-stop solution including customized biomass crushing equipment, energy-efficient biomass briquettes machines and related ancillary services.

shuliy sawdust briquette machine for sale
shuliy sawdust briquette machine for sale

Simply contact us and we will provide you with detailed project planning and accurate quotation information according to your specific needs.