In the UK, demand for biomass fuels has increased as the focus on sustainable energy grows. Our high-performance sawdust log making machine helps biomass energy companies convert abundant wood waste into environmentally friendly, high-calorific value biomass fuels.

sawdust briquette machine uk
sawdust briquette machine uk

Why is our sawdust briquette machine popular in the UK?

  • High raw material utilization: Our biomass briquette machine optimizes the sawdust compression process to improve raw material utilization efficiency and reduce waste.
  • Environmental performance: This sawdust briquette machine UK controls harmful emissions during the production process and helps to reduce the carbon footprint, complying with the UK’s stringent environmental regulations.
  • Technical support and service: Customers attach great importance to after-sales service and technical support, and Schulich is committed to providing comprehensive installation guidance, operation training and maintenance programs.

Popular types of sawdust biomass briquette machines for sale

We have four hot-selling types, which are respectively:

  • Model 50: 250-350kg/h
  • Model 60: 250kg/h
  • Model 70: 300 kg/h
  • Model 80: 400kg/h

And our sawdust briquette machine uk can collocate several equipment for large output. If you’re interested, welcome to contact us for more details!

sawdust briquetting machine manufacturer
sawdust briquetting machine manufacturer

Start your biomass briquettes production now!

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