We are very happy to reach a cooperation with the Japanese customer about the sawdust briquette making machine! Our biomass briquette making machine can help our customers to solve the problem of wood waste and achieve secondary income generation from wood waste to wealth. Our Japanese customer is such an example. Please see the details below.

shuliy sawdust briquette making machine
shuliy sawdust briquette making machine

Background of this Japanese client

Our client, a small manufacturing company based in Japan, had been facing a problem with a large amount of wood waste. This waste was coming from his manufacturing process and local suppliers, taking up limited storage space and also placing a considerable burden on the environment. He began searching for a solution that would allow him to efficiently dispose of this waste while also turning it into a useful product.

Shuliy solution for this customer

shuliy sawdust briquette machine for sale
shuliy sawdust briquette machine for sale

After an in-depth conversation with our client, we recommended our sawdust briquette making machine to them. This machine has an efficient pressing capacity to convert various types of waste wood materials, including sawdust, wood chips and wood chip boards, into high-quality wood rods. Known for its excellent performance and durability, our sawdust briquette maker is great for processing large quantities of waste materials.

He took our advice and the final purchase list is as follows:

sawdust briquettes machineModel: SL-50
Power: 18.5kw
Load capacity: 250-300kg
Dimensions: 1580*660*1650mm
Weight: 700kg
Quantity: 1 set
1 pc
screw1. Used for 1-2 months.
2. Polished before leaving the factory, making it suitable for 80% of raw materials
2 pcs
Friction electrodesFunction: polish screws1 kg
machine list for Japan

Advantages of our sawdust briquette making machine

  • High capacity: Our sawdust briquette maker can produce a large number of bars per hour, allowing customers to process waste quickly.
  • Guaranteed quality: Wood briqettes are pressed at high density for robustness and consistent quality.
  • Environmentally friendly: The process is chemical-free and sustainable.

What are the benefits to this customer?

By adopting the Shuliy sawudst briqeutte making machine, our customer has not only solved his wood waste management challenges, he has also turned this waste into a profitable product. He can now sell the wood bars to other companies or use them in his own production processes, making the best use of his resources. This has not only improved the company’s environmental reputation, but has also created significant financial benefits for him.