The wood pallet block making machine is a specialized machine for compressing wood chips, flakes or pellets into strong wood pallet blocks. This sawdust block making machine automates the processes of compression, mold forming and block cutting. Its high pressure and advanced technology ensure that the wood pallet blocks produced have excellent load-bearing capacity and stability, and can be widely used in logistics, warehousing and transportation.

Our sawdust wood block hot press machine can efficiently utilize wood resources and reduce costs while being environmentally friendly. It is suitable for all kinds of wood waste and provides green and sustainable pallet solutions for enterprises. Usually, we have the sawdust block making machine line for high-efficiency production.

Kinds of wood sawdust pallet block making machines

From the shape of the hopper can be divided into the pallet block machine can be divided into two kinds: shaped hopper and round hopper. Both effectively improve the efficiency of raw materials conveying and ensure that the materials are evenly and continuously put into the wood pallet block machine, so as to produce high-quality wood chip pallet blocks.

Choosing the right type of hopper according to the production site and production requirements is crucial for improving production efficiency and quality.

Finished products of wood pallet block making machine

The finished products of wood pallet block making machine are high quality and sturdy wood pallet blocks. These blocks are usually square or rectangular in shape, with or without holes. The sizes are 75*75mm、80*80mm、90*90mm、90*120mm、100*100mm、100*115mm、100*140mm、140*140mm. Also, the size can be customizable. Therefore, if you are interested, contact us and we will provide you with a specialized solution.

Functions of wooden pallet blocks for sale

Wooden pallet blocks are an important part of wooden pallet construction. Their main function includes providing structural support and stability to the pallet, ensuring that it can safely carry and transport heavy loads. These blocks are strategically placed at the corners and centers of the pallet, allowing forklifts and pallet trucks to lift and move the pallet with ease.

Additionally, wood pallet blocks raise the pallet from the ground, preventing direct contact with surfaces and facilitating smooth handling. Durable and environmentally friendly, these blocks play a vital role in realizing efficient logistics and supply chain operations across industries.

Structure of wood pallet block making machine

As shown above, the sawdust wood block hot press machine is mainly composed of mixing drum, pressure gauge, control cabinet, outlet, cutter and so on.

How to make wood pallet blocks?

To manufacture wood pallet blocks, wood chips or sawdust are mixed with an adhesive such as glue or resin. The mixture is then compressed under high pressure in a wood pallet block making machine to form it into the desired shape and size.

After compression, the blocks are further cured or dried to ensure their strength and stability. Once fully cured, the blocks are ready to be used to build wooden pallets, providing a sustainable and efficient solution for material handling and transportation.

Package & delivery of compressed wood pallet block making machine

The compressed wood pallet block maker is carefully packaged to ensure its safety during transportation. It is usually packed in sturdy wooden crates or customized packing materials to provide cushioning and protection.

In addition, important components are securely fastened to prevent any damage or shifting during transportation. The machine is then delivered via a reliable mode of transportation (sea, air or road) depending on the destination. Appropriate handling and tracking mechanisms are implemented to ensure timely and safe delivery to the customer’s location.

Technical specifications of pressed wooden pallet block making machine

Machine weight1000kg1080kg1350kg
Machine size5000*600*1420mm5000*600*1420mm5000*600*1420mm
wood pallet block making machine