Compressed wood pallet machine is specialized equipment for manufacturing compressed wood pallets. It transforms waste wood fibers, sawdust, wood shavings, wood chips, rice husks, etc. into strong and environmentally friendly pallets through a high-pressure compression process.

The machine applies heat and pressure to the raw materials and bonds them together using natural adhesives or resins. It can produce 120-144 wood pallets in a 16-hour day.

The moulded wood pallet machine produces compressed wood pallets with high load capacity, durability, moisture and pest resistance.

They are cost-effective, recyclable and promote sustainable practices by utilizing waste wood materials.

Thus, it’s widely used in the logistics, warehousing and transportation industries, it is a must-have asset for companies seeking efficient and environmentally friendly pallet solutions.

Types of compressed wood pallet machines for sale

There are several types of compressed wood pallet machines available for sale in the market. Shuliy’s has the type shown in the picture above.

  • The individual machine is equipped with separate molds and can produce 120-144 wood pallets in a 16-hour day.
  • The machine pictured on the right, on the other hand, has molds that can be changed automatically, doubling the efficiency of separate molds.

Each type therefore meets different production needs and customers can choose according to their specific requirements and budgetary constraints.

Strengths of compressed wooden pallet making machine

  1. Environmentally friendly: Utilizes waste wood fibers to promote sustainable development.
  2. Cost-effective: Reduces material costs compared to traditional pallets.
  3. High production capacity: High-volume pallets can be produced efficiently.
  4. Durable: Produces sturdy pallets for heavy loads and rough handling.
  5. Easy to operate: User-friendly interface and simple operation.
  6. Waste reduction: Minimizes waste by efficiently using surplus wood materials.
  7. Customizable: Pallet molds can be created in a variety of sizes and designs based on your needs.

Raw materials for making compressed wooden pallets

Raw materials used to manufacture compressed wood pallets typically include waste wood fibers, sawdust, wood chips, rice husks and other wood residues.

These materials are processed and compressed using high-pressure machinery and adhesives to form the final compressed wood pallet.

Advantages of wooden pallets

  • Firstly, wooden pallets are cost-effective compared to other materials such as plastic or metal pallets.
  • Secondly, wooden pallets are easy to repair and recycle, reducing waste and promoting sustainability.
  • They also have good load-carrying capacity for heavy or irregularly shaped loads.
  • Wooden pallets are readily available and can be customized to meet specific needs.
  • In addition, they have a natural grip that reduces the risk of load slippage during loading, unloading and transportation.

The versatility, reliability and ease of handling of wooden pallets have made them the preferred choice for transportation, storage and handling of goods worldwide.

Moulds for Shuliy pressed wood pallet machine

The Shuliy compressed wood pallet machine can produce both plastic pallets and wooden pallets.

The molds are designed to meet a variety of production needs and provide excellent results, making the Shuliy press wood pallet machine a reliable choice for companies that need an efficient and reliable pallet manufacturing solution.

Working principle of molded wood pallet machine

molding part

The working principle of Shuliy compressed wood pallet machine involves high temperature and pressure.

The machine applies heat and pressure to raw materials such as waste wood fibers and sawdust inside the mold cavity.

Under the conditions of high temperature and pressure, the raw material is compressed and molded into the desired shape of the wooden pallet.

The combination of heat and pressure helps the wood fibers bond together to form a strong and durable pallet.

The process ensures that the pallets produced are strong, durable and moisture-resistant, making them suitable for a variety of industrial applications.

Compressed wood pallet machine manufacturer

Shuliy, as a compressed wood pallet machine manufacturer, is a company that specializes in the design, production and sale of compressed wood pallet manufacturing machinery.

Our machines are excellent in terms of price, performance, and quality, and play a vital role in promoting sustainable practices by providing efficient and cost-effective solutions for the production of compressed wood pallets used in industries such as logistics, warehousing, and transportation.

Besides, we also have wooden pallet block machine, wood debarker, wood crusher, wood shaving machine, etc. If interested, contact us immediately!

Technical parameters of Shuliy compressed wood pallet machine

Hydraulic oil cylinder diameter320
Hydraulic oil cylinder quantity4 pcs
Feeding wayManual feeding
Lifting oil cylinderDiameter 100*2
Heating temperature150 degree
Main motor7.5kw
Pallet density850kg/cubic meter
Capacity120-144pcs per day(16 hours)
Time for enough pressure35 seconds
Time for one piece450 seconds
Pallet sizePallet size less than 1300*1250mm(can make 2-3 letter on mould)
molded wood pallet making machine parameters