Sawdust, often considered a nasty by-product, has found a new use. Shuliy’s sawdust briquette press is an innovation that promises not only a solution to the sawdust dilemma, but also a significant financial return. Let’s take a look at the advantages of the Shuliy wood briquetting machine and how it can create profits below.

Advantages of Shuliy sawdust briquette press

Resource reuse: Our machine converts various waste biomass resources, such as sawdust, wood chips, straw, etc., into highly efficient pini kay briquettes. This helps to reduce waste and maximize the recovery of waste resources.

Economic returns: The sawdust briquette maker converts waste biomass resources into high-value products such as fuel rods. This provides a significant financial return to the organization and reduces production costs.

Easy to operate: Shuliy sawdust briquette press is designed to be simple, easy to operate and maintain, even for inexperienced users.

Wide range of applications: Our machine can produce a wide range of fuel bar types to meet the needs of different industries and markets, such as barbecue charcoal, heating fuels, biomass fuels and more.

How to profit from sawdust briquettes?

Direct sale of wood briquettes: The sawdust briquette press can convert waste biomass resources into high-density and high-efficiency biomass briquettes. These wood briquettes can be sold directly in the market and are widely used in various fields such as barbecue, heating, boiler fuel, etc. Selling wood rods directly can create quick profit for you, especially if the market demand for supplying charcoal is stable.

Processing into charcoal briquettes: Wooden rods produced by the biomass briquettes making machine can also be further processed into charcoal rods, which requires the use of a suitable charcoal furnace to carbonize the rods. After carbonization, the rods are transformed into high-quality charcoal briquettes suitable for applications such as barbecuing, cooking and heating. The market potential for charcoal is huge and usually high priced, which makes charcoal making an attractive and profitable avenue.

Choose one sawdust briquette press to create profit

Our sawdust briquette machines are not only powerful in terms of production capacity, but also flexible and able to adapt to a wide range of different production sizes. From small workshops to large factories, our machines are up to the task, ensuring that you can efficiently and sustainably convert sawdust and other wastes into high-quality wood rods or charcoal products.

sawdust briquette press factory
sawdust briquette press factory

If you need more information about the size of your machine, its capacity, or any other relevant information, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with the most suitable solution to help you generate more profit.