So happy to cooperate with the Mexican client about the charcoal ball pressing machine! This customer is a Mexican retailer with its own chain of shops. There were many leftover charcoal slags from previous charcoal sales, which had been piling up and not disposed of. He would like to press these charcoal residues into balls for storage and transport.

Follow-up proposal for this Mexican client

After understanding his needs, we immediately set up a follow-up solution for turning the charcoal residues into charcoal balls.

Firstly, we keep in touch with our customer by email and telephone to understand his specific needs.

Secondly, we recommended a suitable charcoal ball pressing machine to the customer and introduced the performance and advantages of the machine in detail.

Finally, we arranged to test the charcoal ball briquetting machine and helped the customer to solve the doubts by video call.

This customer has a rather urgent need. However, since it was the first time to buy, he was more cautious and kept confirming all kinds of information. I finally won the customer’s trust and successfully signed the contract through continuous follow-up and resolving the customer’s concerns.

Key points for successful cooperation with the Mexican client

His concerns: Charcoal residue piles up too much, takes up space, and is not easy to store and transport. Through continuous follow-up, we learned this point and emphasized to this customer the advantages of the charcoal ball pressing machine, which can press charcoal residue into ball shape for easy storage and transportation.

Solve his doubts: This customer was worried about the performance and effect of the coal ball press machine, so we arranged a test run of the machine and helped the customer solve his doubts by means of a video call. During the video call, we showed the actual operation of the machine and answered various questions from the customer. And we shipped the machine to his place.

Charcoal ball pressing machine and matched equipment list for Mexico

Charcoal powder machine
charcoal powder grinder
Model: 500
Power: 15kw
Capacity: 500kg per hour
Dimension: 1.1*0.9*1.2m
Weight: 200kg
Function: Crush the charcoal into charcoal powder, then it will be easily to shape
1 pc
Wheel grinder machine
charcoal powder mixer
Capacity:500-600kg per hour
Function: Combine the charcoal powder with the binder fully, then they will be more sticky,
the produced charcoal will have a high density and high quality.
1 pc
Charcoal ball press machine
bbq charcoal press machine
Capacity:1-2 tons per hour
Weight:720 kg
Charcoal shape:5*5*3cm
barbecue charcoal briquettes
1 pc
machine list for Mexico