Our charcoal press machine helps recycle used wastes in Indonesia, providing strong support to one brave customer from Indonesia. And we share this customer’s story and why he chose Shuliy’s charcoal ball press to improve his waste battery recycling business.

Clear customer needs

This customer from Indonesia had a clear need in the waste battery recycling industry. He realized that wastes contain valuable materials, but needed an efficient way to process and utilize them. As a result, he sought a charcoal press machine that could press waste into compact balls that could be easily stored and transported.

Shuliy charcoal press machine’s highlights

After market research, the client learned that Shuliy, as a manufacturer and supplier of charcoal ball press machines, offers high-quality charcoal ball presses. With advanced technology, our machines can effectively press wastes into high-density spheres, which is not only convenient for storage, but also helps to improve recycling efficiency.

Domestic logistics support

The customer has a freight forwarder in China, which means he can quickly and efficiently source Shuliy’s charcoal ball pressing machine from China and ship it back to Indonesia. We work closely with our in-country logistics partners to ensure that the customer’s machine arrives and is ready for use in the shortest possible time.

Machine list for Indonesia

Charcoal ball press machineModel: SL-290
Capacity:1-2 tons per hour
1 set
machine list for Indonesia

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